Assessment in Quality Child Care Programs

assessment photo

Child assessment is a vital and growing component of high-quality early childhood programs; it is even required in some states. Early childhood assessment tools are used to gather and provide educators, parents, and families with critical information about a child’s development and growth.

Assessment tools from Green Dragon have become the industry standard for over 25 years to monitor intellectual, psychological, and social progress. Covering age ranges of birth to toddlers, three to six years old, and school readiness, you will know how well children are learning, if they are making progress and meeting proficiency benchmarks, and if they are being taught effectively.

The comprehensive handbooks serve as a checklist of skills and behaviors a child is likely to develop during the age range specified. Each item in the checklist is a sample of many related skills and behaviors and acts as an index of more general characteristics of development. Items are grouped into four scales that represent areas of child development: Social-Emotional, Motor Skills, Language, Cognitive and Hygiene/Self-Help.

Designed to be used by early education providers and parents, implementation is easy even if you don’t have formal training in education. Each includes full instructions and explanations. Contact Green Dragon,, for more information.