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Tarynn Witten

Dr. Tarynn M. Witten specializes in computational biology and mathematical modeling, and computer simulation experience. She penned The Tao of Gender along with a large volume of academic work. Dr. Witten is a Senior Faculty Member of Virginia Commonwealth University, where she leads and does research and development. Witten also gives speeches and mentors faculty and students.

She has a mathematics and physics degree from Boston University and went onto Indiana University Bloomington to earn an M.S. in Mathematical Physics. Tarynn Witten received an M.S. and Ph.D. from SUNY at Buffalo in Mathematical Biology/Medicine.

Dr. Witten, a scholar, has a highly decorated career and has worked at many institutions of higher learning, including the University of South Carolina, University of Southern California, University of California Santa Barbara, and Illinois Institute of Technology. She also held roles at the University of Louisville, University of Minnesota-Minneapolis, University of Texas, University of Michigan, and Trinity University. Dr. Tarynn Witten has taught mathematics, engineering, physiology, community medicine, and computer science. Her R & D includes biostatistics, biomedical engineering, and she has worked with many software developers.

When Dr. Witten has free time, she enjoys every minute of it. Her hobbies include writing poetry, sculpting, and playing music.

The Tao of Gender

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