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Power of Transcendence by award-winning author Ann Purcell

The Power of Transcendence

(2 customer reviews)

from $9.99

The Power of Transcendence Growing in Love, Creativity, Health, and Happiness

Ann Purcell

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SKU: 9781623860523


Award-winning author, Ann Purcell, shows the effectiveness of TM in this Transcendental Meditation book. The Power of Transcendence Growing in Love, Creativity, Health, and Happiness contains over 50 short inspirational articles. This technique, simple to practice, has the power to bring fulfillment to your life. Transcendental Meditation expands your awareness and deepens insights into life. In addition, TM also uplifts your heart and gives you a concrete vision. The technique gives you a path toward creating a better world.

Ann Purcell explores a range of enlightening topics in this transcendental meditation book. Read about love, relationships, creativity, women, health, and well-being in this uplifting work. Learn how transcendence brings fulfillment to the environment and education. Also, Purcell also deep dives into spiritual reflections, like meditation, heaven, God, and yoga. The Power of Transcendence shows profound experiences of higher states of consciousness. You also get to read about the powerfulness of pure silence.

The Power of Transcendence also discusses bliss and gifts of nature. Ann Purcell breaks down areas of life in this transcendental meditation book. The heartfelt stories show how transcendence leads to discovery. You can find more profound satisfaction in life through TM. Silence your mind, follow your bliss, and gain new clarity while viewing life.

Editorial Reviews:

“In a fast-paced world that is rapidly changing and always ‘on,’ there has never been a more important time for substantive tools to slow down and look within for peace and inner stillness. The Power of Transcendence offers a practical guide for increasing the ability to find that inner source of energy, creativity, and happiness.” Heather Hartnett, CEO and founding partner of Human Ventures, member of the Leadership Council for Tech: NYC

“The wisdom imparted and the recommendation of Transcendental Meditation gives people what they need most in the world today-more ability to deal with the ever-present challenges of life.” Dr. Grace Keenan, Founder, and Former CEO, Nova Medical Group

”Ann Purcell has given us a precise and profound pathway to unleashing the Absolute within. This beautiful inner world dwells within each of us, and here she reveals the key to its unfoldment.” Brenda Boozer, Mezzo-Soprano Soloist with the Metropolitan Opera and international Orchestras

About the Author

Ann Purcell, an award-winning author, has been teaching Transcendental Meditation across the world since 1973. Her book, The Transcendental Meditation Technique and The Journey of Enlightenment, won the 2015 Silver Medalist Living Now Book Award. Ann, also a musician, writes poetry and blogs for Huffington Post. She has a B.SCI (Bachelor of the Science of Creative Intelligence), an M.SCI from Maharishi European Research University, Seelisberg, Switzerland, and a Ph.D. in Supreme Political Science from the Maharishi University of World Peace, Vlodrop, Netherlands. Ann loves traveling the globe, photography, and breathtaking nature. She loves helping others in the world and spending time with her family. She works to fulfill her desire for a happier and healthier world, connecting Ann with those trying to reach their full potential together from all paths of life.

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  1. Linda Stokes

    I enjoyed it so much I am buying 5 more
    I was impressed with the diversity of articles and particularly the poetry. I enjoyed it so much I am buying 5 more.

  2. Alexander Tilt

    What an amazing read that connects the mystical with the everyday/practical side of TM!
    Thank you Anne for sharing your four decades of experience and reflections of TM. As someone who has dabbled in the practice, I confess that I was very skeptical of TM’s efficacy – until I read your book – and had the “Aha” moment where you so eloquently connect the dots between the mystical and everyday benefits of TM. Your practical insights and poetry are inspirational – thank you for opening my eyes and mind(!) to the REAL power of transcendence.

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