The Conversion Prophecy

The Conversion Prophecy

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This award winning thriller is a must read!

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Book Type Paperback
ISBN 9781623860134
Author Michael Solomon
Publisher Green Dragon Books


  • WINNER 2017 John E. Weaver Excellent Reads Awards
  • 2016 Book of the Year Fiction/Thriller
  • 2016 Finalist Thriller Independent Books Awards (IPPY)

In a world filled with uncertainty and terrorism, many people find themselves distraught by the news they hear every day. Bestselling political and business author Michael Solomon may be turning the political world upside down with his new novel and timely masterpiece “The Conversion Prophecy.”

In his first novel, sure to be a blockbuster, Solomon takes the reader through a journey of how the entire balance of global economic power will change forever. Life on earth will take on a new meaning, as everything from energy to food supplies, transportation to communications and everything else needed to sustain life will be controlled by one terrorist state and a zealot who has the ability to control it all. Peace, in the name of one religion, Islam, will threaten to dominate mankind.

What Solomon has developed is a new and different form of terrorism – one, which does not require the firing of a single shot or the shedding of one drop of blood. However, it could lead to a new world order.

This page turner will have you wondering if a Manchurian Candidate does really exist. The author takes us from the halls of a Mosque in Indonesia to the highest plateau of the political arena in Washington, where a real life plot has developed to take control of the entire economic balance of the global corporate world and destroy life as we know it. Can this plot be derailed before it begins? Only one man with the help of a secret society, that makes the Illuminati look like child’s play, can stop it. But can he stop it in time?

Although fiction the pages of this international political thriller will leave you wondering can this really happen – or has it already begun? Has the author hit another home run? After you read “The Conversion Prophecy” you will believe he has.

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The Midwest Book Review

Additional Information

Additional Information

Book Type Paperback
ISBN 9781623860134
Author Michael Solomon
Publisher Green Dragon Books

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Ann Existential Tour de Fource
Mike Solomon's vast knowledge of Foreign Affairs is put to good use in this exciting novel.
Be certain to have adequate time to finish once you start this roller coaster tale. Review by Harriet Golding / (Posted on 6/14/2017)
Don't Miss Reading This Book
Loved the story from page one to the end. Speaking of the end what a surprise. I'm telling all my friends to buy this book. Hope it lands onto the New York Times Best Seller list. Oprah where are you? Review by Eleanor V. / (Posted on 6/14/2017)
A Great Read
A vivid and suspenseful read, Michael Solomon paints a wonderfully horrifying picture of what could be happening right under the noses of our world leaders. I read the Conversion Prophecy cover to cover in one sitting. Although fiction, the book hits close to home and is near impossible to put down once you get started. Review by TheDon / (Posted on 6/14/2017)
A long term plan to take control of the world, terrifying in light of recent events and terrorist ideologies
Michael Solomon's 'The Conversion Prophecy is a political thriller that stands head and shoulder above the debut works of other authors. In it we are given a new world order controlled by a single entity that has taken over the distribution of the planet's resources while claiming to act in the name if Islam, though it is quickly clear that this act is an affront to any who truly believe in the religion.

The use of power is complete once this nation state is able to usurp it and while it claims to be acting in peace is actually a terrorist state that is playing out a game in the long term and trying to take over the world over generations and not after a single bloody war.

It is a compelling view of an act of war which could in fact occur if a sect was able to train generations to follow their view though is also so wildly out of this world that it can be hard to believe.

Even so, the writing is spectacular and the plot is so well laid out that you will be drawn into the world that Solomon has created needing to know exactly how the world can prevent itself from being so completely taken over or if it will fall in line to a terrorist state which has so completely ingrained itself in every level of society. Review by Stuart C. / (Posted on 6/14/2017)
I was held captive throughout the narrative, to the last startling sentence of the epilogue
A potentially real life horror story with a twist. The prologue of this international mystery thriller piqued my curiosity: Why the intriguing musings on Genesis chapter one? Also, why a picture of Samson and Delilah as a frontispiece? Excellent reasons appear as the story develops.

In chapter one the opening sentence grabbed me. I was held captive throughout the narrative, to the last startling sentence of the epilogue. With articulate, swift strokes the author superbly carves out each scene that surrounds his characters. For the main characters he builds their persona each time they reenter the plot, with just enough new information to add more suspense.

After reading "About the Author" at the very end of the book I see that Michael Solomon's descriptions of global societies and heads of States could have come from his pre-author experiences as well as from diligent research. This book reveals a frighteningly possible alternate lifestyle for the USA and for the world--with a surprising resolution! Review by Book Buzz / (Posted on 6/14/2017)
A whirlwind excursion you won't want to miss
"Death came swiftly and unexpectedly." In the Pantheon of literary genres, international thrillers have their own wing. There, encased in sepulchers with headstones writ large, stand names such as Robert Ludlum, John le Carré, Alistair MacLean and more. Their stories cross continents and languages to snare readers in compelling tales of intrigue. In the worlds they create, knowledge is power, and treachery always lurks within treaties between nations and often within promises between friends. Now, former New York City Police Officer, Michael Solomon, has turned his experienced ear for criminality, corruption, and conspiracies, to the world of high-flying deception in his debut novel, The Conversion Prophecy.

Not the least bit intimidated by the renowned authors that have come before him, he confidently stakes his own claim to the genre with a globe-hopping tale of multinational mystery and suspense. It all begins in the year 2024. World peace has virtually been achieved. Violent terrorism is a thing of the past. Countries no longer settle their differences with armies and armaments. Corporations actually cooperate rather than compete. Consumers like and believe in the companies they buy from. Citizens collectively trust their elected officials. The stock markets of the world are at record highs. Has utopia finally been achieved? Or does a somewhat closer look reveal that perhaps nothing is as it seems.

Solomon's story hits the tarmac running. With staccato prose, free of any cloying sentimentality that might slow the pace, he whisks us through the untimely death of the Vice President of the United States. Then he flashes readers back to an Indonesian Mosque years earlier, where clandestine plans are put in place by fanatical conspirators to take advantage of just such an opening in the highest echelons of American government. The author uses this shifting time technique to adroitly move multiple flesh and blood pawns across a vast transnational chessboard. But a lot more than a game is going on here, the results of which could be cataclysmic. The players on Solomon s continually changing battlefield include Secret Service Agents under the gun, career politicians with much to gain and more to lose, world leaders held hostage to a diabolical scheme, devout Moslems and devoted Jews, young men thrust into older men s hatreds, plus an appropriate smattering of stone cold spies.

Revealing too much of the plot would deprive you of much of the fun inherent in peeling back one layer after another of Solomon's fast-moving tale of assassination, infiltration, and the potential annihilation of the world as we know it. Suffice it to say that readers will be jetted to exotic locales, ensconced in expensive hotels, piped aboard luxurious yachts, and fêted with the finest food and wine. There will also be initiations into secret societies, closed-door meetings with the CIA and the Israeli Mossad, and financial maneuvering that brings the world to the brink of collapse.

If you're the type who can pack your willing suspension of disbelief along with your appetite for adventure, then you'll likely find The Conversion Prophesy a whirlwind excursion you won't want to miss. Review by US Review of Books / (Posted on 6/14/2017)
Highly Recommended
A deftly crafted 'what if' work of fiction that could all too easily come to pass in today's troubled economic and volatile political conditions. A thoroughly absorbing read from beginning to end, "The Conversion Prophecy" is very highly recommended for community library General Fiction collections. Review by The Midwest Book Review / (Posted on 6/14/2017)

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