Behind the Green Dragon Name

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Stumbling upon Green Dragon Books, you may wonder, “have I come across a fantasy genre publisher?” Despite dragons being mythical creatures and prevalent in pop culture, the name behind our publishing company holds a much deeper meaning. To understand how the dragon’s name and symbol came about, we wanted to share insight into our publishing company.

Dragons set out on adventures and explore just like humans, and learning is prominent throughout life. A core belief of Green Dragon Books is that everyone, despite their circumstances, can reach their full potential. Since day one, our primary vision has been providing knowledge to people across the globe. Learning takes place inside and outside formal situations and continues throughout life. As naturally curious creatures, humans seek knowledge and want to experience the world, leading to a more profound life.

The Green Dragon symbol finds its roots in Eastern philosophy and envisions balance between the mind, body, and soul. The mystical green dragon connects the human spirit with nature and life and focuses on healing, rest, prosperity, and harmony. The energy a dragon brings gives strength and determination to overcome struggles and prosper. Through spirit and personal enlightenment, it overcomes challenges and hardships. The dragon’s profound powers help one heal, achieve balance, and focus on overall well-being.

The dragon symbolizes strength, energy, and power; nothing you dream of is impossible. Like a dragon breathing fire, our books fuel the desire to learn and grow through all stages and obstacles in life. Our steadfast vision prioritizes lifelong learning and awareness with the tools to unlock power, wisdom, strength, and hidden knowledge.

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The color green symbolizes the environment and recognizes the importance of our planet. As you grow, you will find abundant opportunities while appreciating the simple yet elegant pleasures in life. Green represents harmony with nature, sustainability, and earth-friendly practices. Together, the color green and dragon form a powerful bond of earth and human life. Through this connection, you can teach others and make a positive difference in their lives and on the planet.

We have recently relaunched our website to deliver an informative and user-friendly experience. We want to continue our mission and positively impact our readers and authors. We hope you visit and enjoy Green Dragon Books’ fresh website.