About Us

Green Dragon Book Publishing


Welcome to Green Dragon Books, a perceptual publishing company that empowers readers worldwide to reach their full potential. Founded by Gary B. Wilson in 1969 in Atlanta, Georgia, the company initially was called Humanics Publishing, making it one of the oldest publishing houses in the Southeastern United States. The reach of the trade and mass-market paperbacks, hardcovers, eBooks, and audiobooks in multiple languages is truly worldwide.


Wilson’s background in child development and community organization inspired the initial focus on parent and societal involvement in early childhood education across the country. The first titles published were early childhood classroom guides and other tools for teachers and educational program administrators. The materials were developed to improve achievement amongst preschool children, identify potential deficiencies and prepare them for future educational opportunities. Today’s Humanics Psychological Test Corp, a division of Green Dragon Books, produces instruments to assess children’s school readiness and other important early developmental milestones.

In the mid-1980s, the company expanded its genres to include titles specializing in personal development, leadership, and new age spirituality. Green Dragon published the best-selling book, The Tao of Leadership, by John Heider. This pivotal work continues to influence global leadership processes into the 21st century. Green Dragon Books now publishes an even broader range of topics, including relationships, psychology, fiction, legacies, children’s picture books, creativity, self-help, health, and wellness. Imprints include SleuthHound Books, which features thrillers and mystery novels, and Legacies Books, which presents notable memoirs.


Green Dragon Book Publishing offers much more than written material. We are an international organization that provides learning tools to help children and adults tap into their full human potential. Our authoritative authors share their knowledge to help you attain balance in your life. We genuinely believe that you can get everything you want in life and become who you aspire to be.

Our mission is to develop authors and give them an entryway to the literary world. Their work and knowledge make an impression and contribution to the world. For over 50 years, Green Dragon has left its imprint on the publishing world and continues to release valuable contemporary books. We actively seek collaboration with new voices who have expertise and a message with global appeal.

Located in Palm Beach County, Florida, Green Dragon and our authors are a select group of thought leaders and knowledge seekers. We look at the larger picture in life and explore endless possibilities with fresh ideas, curiosity, and new perspectives. Together, with breakthrough concepts and methods, we are forging a new understanding to better ourselves and society. Join us as we take new paths to find opportunities for learning and self-discovery, broadening our views on life as we keep moving forward.

Our Authors

Green Dragon Books’ authors reflect our values and represent a variety of genres and interests. These distinguished writers have experience and impressive backgrounds ranging from education to psychology. Together, we deliver impactful books designed to improve life from childhood through adulthood. Green Dragon’s authors give you tools for personal and professional growth to achieve your dreams and aspirations.

Pioneers of thought, these creative thinkers give ideas and perspectives to empower growth throughout adulthood. Starting at an early age, educators and parents can implement techniques to help children with cognitive development and self-awareness. Green Dragon Books’ authors encourage you to explore and approach life with curiosity. We provide purposefully written materials that look at the larger landscape of life. By reading their work, you will better understand yourself and society. Constant learning leads to new paths as you forge through life with fresh views.

Get to know these accomplished authors who make it all possible and our company proud of their achievements. From early education to personal growth, suspense to parenting, leadership to literacy, and everything in between find a book to change yourself and the world.