Early Childhood Assessment Instruments

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Green Dragon Books’ Psychological Test division offers nationally recognized early childhood assessment tools to evaluate children’s development and skills. Professionals and parents can assess Infants and Toddlers (Birth-Three), Preschool (Three-Six), and School Readiness. Administering the assessment tools will measure a child’s progress amongst national educational norms. For over 25 years, Green Dragons National Assessment and Compliance System has had significant acceptance as an industry-standard in Early Childhood Educational Assessment.

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Green Dragon’s assessment instruments allow for a successful educational experience. The tools assess the six pillars of early childhood development: Social-Emotional, Cognitive, Self-Help/Hygiene, Creativity, Language, and Sensory-Motor skills. Parents can work with teachers or administrators to create an individual education plan (IEP) to get the most out of their educational opportunities. Academic and psychological professionals have written all assessment materials available. Teachers and parents can use the tools in formal and informal settings.

A prominent diagnostic tool, The Lollipop Test, now in its third edition, assesses school readiness in children and is available in English, Spanish, and French. This newly revised assessment instrument has wide recognition in North America and Latin America. Professionals administer the test using the Developmental and Interpretive Manual, Stimulus Cards, and a Scoring Booklet for each child. School districts and early learning programs can purchase The Lollipop Test as a complete set or in separate components in which the Scoring Booklets come in packs of 25.

Green Dragon’s assessment tools help teachers and parents gauge children’s development from birth through age nine. Materials include manuals, activity guides, tests, stories, and games to foster growth at all ages of early childhood.

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