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Escape everyday life with Green Dragon’s fiction and Legacies books, also available in ebook format. Our fiction authors leave imprints in the literary world, and you will savor these award-winning books. Choose from mystery, memoirs, adventure or poetry to enjoy when you get a chance to unwind.

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Boulevard Beausejour by Jane Foster, an award-winning fiction book, tells a funny tale about a couple moving from New York City to Paris. She works while her partner lives in her footsteps, and they begin drinking and gambling excessively. The novel’s compelling characters helped it achieve status as a 2017 Book Excellence Award Finalist.

Another book by Jane Foster, Sliding, is an Eric Hoffer Award Finalist for Commercial Fiction. Set in Chicago and New York City during the mid-1980s, Sliding tells the tale of two close friends, Daphne and Maggie. Enjoy this novel and go on the journey with them through marriage, children, divorce, wealth, alcoholism, truth, and love.

The Conversion Prophecy by Michael Solomon, an international political thriller, received the 2016 Indie Book Award. Go on a wild ride of what life might be like living under new world order. What if one religion, one rule law, and a zealot can control us all? Although fiction, you will wonder if this can really happen, or has it already begun?

Green Dragon Books has distinguished authors that deliver irresistible fiction novels and Legacy memoirs. With stories worth sharing, we know you will find a book you love!

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