Birth to Three Assessment

Assessing Milestones from Birth to Three

Early childhood development assessment focuses on Social/Emotional, Language, Cognitive, and Motor Skills. Observation tools can help monitor important skills and behaviors that are expected to emerge during these early years. If you notice delays, early action and intervention programs can positively impact a child’s development. For thirty years, Green Dragon’s National Assessment and Compliance System has been widely accepted as a tool to measure early childhood development.

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The National Infant-Toddler Assessment Handbook by Jane A. Caballero and Derek Whordley gives an overview of early childhood development and what skills to observe including nutrition. This comprehensive guide, designed for parents, teachers, and early learning programs, delivers effective monitoring of children’s behaviors and milestones. This handbook has a sample of the National Child Development Assessment form and instructions.

After assessing intellectual, psychological, and social progress, parents and teachers can develop an individual educational plan (IEP) for the child. Understanding how to evaluate children’s skills correctly will draw attention to potential developmental delays. Early action on identifiable deficiencies gives children the most potential for success and offers many benefits.

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