Program Administration

Making a Difference in Students’ Lives

Administering educational curriculums in your learning center or school also requires caring for children’s well-being, consistency, and setting rules. Routines help monitor children’s behavior and interactions and help you stay aware and attentive to the facility’s environment. All of your actions help your staff and students feel confident, noticed, and secure. Green Dragon’s resource guides will help you keep on track and stay organized. You can also show parents, colleagues, and the community the great work your school or program does with early education.

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Awakening Minds: The Power of Creativity In Teaching by James D. Downton contains exercises for teachers or administrators to be more creative and motivational with their students. Thinking with a more agile mind and seeing your gift to teach will foster new ideas to implement into your learning program. This book will help you discover the power of “deep listening” and “strategic questioning” to promote understanding, compassion, and change as you inspire students to engage more actively in their learning. See the value of being “coachable” and how to demonstrate that to your students. This satisfying book will lead to fulfillment not only in your teaching career but also in life.

Develop a winning teaching style for your program where all children have the potential to thrive. Your staff will thank you and your students will never forget you, even in adulthood. Change your students’ lives with creative and positive learning experiences.

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