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Looking at life through a world lens, Green Dragon Books offers guides interweaving Western thinking and Eastern belief systems. Fusing Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, and Taoism with modernized Western thoughts, discover tools to achieve harmony and balance in life. By connecting with your spiritual self, you can enhance every facet of your existence.

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Zen Master Next Door by Edward G. Kardos features parables with ancient ideology to help you connect with your spiritual identity. These positive stories will help you understand yourself, explore your relationships with others and see their importance. Use this guide to lead a more enlightened, inspiring life.

In The Power of Transcendence: Growing in Love, Creativity, and Happiness, award winning author Ann Purcell brings you 50 short articles illustrating how meditation leads to a more fulfilling life. Topics include health, education, women, creativity, relationships, and love. One of Green Dragon’s bestsellers, this book details how Transcendental Meditation techniques deliver natural, effortless balance to each area of life.

Green Dragon’s spirituality books offer Western and Eastern philosophical and approaches to life. Use our enlightening and spiritual guides to gain insight on achieving harmony in life.

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