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Reading to Children Builds Forever Bonds

Reading goes beyond the classroom, and children age 4-8 can enjoy fun books that interest and educate them in any setting. Green Dragon children’s books have vibrant illustrations that will spark young imaginations as they learn and develop. These books help children grow socially, intellectually, and personally. Choose from books that support personal hygiene, self-esteem, and tolerance, and have engaging artwork.

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Children will love Green Dragon children’s books, whether a read-aloud for the class, a snuggle-up for a bedtime story, or self-initiated reading/viewing.

Fraid E. Cat by Al Newman tells the tale of a cat so afraid of the dark that she doesn’t want to go to sleep at night. Afraid of what’s underneath the bed, Fraid E. needs a night light. This delightful children’s book teaches children not to be scared of the dark. If you love Fraid E. Cat, other titles in this series include Grub E. Dog, Fibber E. Frog, and Giggle E. Goose.

The Adventures of Paz in the Land of Numbers by Miriam Bowden (Author) and Anna Maria Crum (Illustrator) brings numbers to life! Paz, the curious koala, discovers the magical numbers of one through ten. These fantastic numbers need order! Paz helps the numbers by putting them in sequence in English and Spanish. As Paz works on the numbers, children learn as they read along in this charming adventure book.

Illustrated children’s books foster visual learning through pictures and words. Excite your child and watch them develop with these playful books.

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