Giggle E. Goose

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Giggle E Goose: A Fun E. Friends Book

Al Newman

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Giggle E. Goose loves to talk and does not know when to be quiet. She also giggles a lot! She giggles in the wrong places, like in school and the library. Giggle E. Goose can’t even stop talking and laughing during movies.

People start to get upset with Giggle E. Goose because she distracts them. She needs to be more considerate of others and know that she needs to be quiet during certain times. Giggle E. Goose needs friendly advice to know when and how to listen.

Children and Giggle E. Goose will learn the proper times to giggle and chat and when to listen to others. This children’s book by Al Newman teaches how to respect others by not laughing at them or talking over them. The illustrations will help young children understand and learn from Giggle E. Goose.

Age 4-8

About the Author

Al Newman was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, one of seven children. Before his retirement, Al worked as an advertising copywriter and creative director. He originally wrote Fraid E. Cat for his youngest daughter, Melia, because she was afraid of the dark. This spawned the Fun E. Friends series of children’s books to help with hygiene (Grub E. Dog), honesty (Fibber E. Frog), and manners (Giggle E.Goose). Al now lives in New York State and spends his time writing, painting, sculpting, and inventing new things.

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  1. Alicia A.

    Giggle E. Goose
    My 6-year-old loves this book, in fact, she cried when she had to return it to the library. A fun way to learn lessons of life!

  2. Maro

    A Memory in the Making
    My sister gave this book to my son as a child, it came with a rubber goose and was my son’s favorite toy/book ever. He had me read this book every night at least five to ten times and when he started to read it was small enough for him to take out of his pocket and sit and read it. I had him read it to me every night five or ten times. To this day we still know the book by heart but alas the book is in so many pieces with tape and staples holding it together…. it was and still is well-loved. This is a great book for any age child to love and cherish. Whenever I look at the tattered book it brings back so many fond memories of my son’s childhood that I was thinking maybe for Christmas I’ll update it to a new copy.

  3. Mike

    Five Stars
    Great book for kids.

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