Cambio Chameleon

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Cambio Chameleon

Mauro Magellan

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A children’s picture book with vibrant colors and sketches, Cambio Chameleon, tells a beautiful story about friendship. Cambio was very proud that she was unique, talented, and could change into any color she wanted. She could turn yellow to match a sunny day and red near an apple.

Cambio Chameleon then gets a fever and can no longer change colors. Feeling sad that she’s not special anymore, she stops visiting her friends. Les Cargo, a snail, Sam the frog, and Lego the worm miss her and decide to bring her flowers. Cambio Chameleon begins to blush at the kindness of her friends and is happy to feel special again.

This children’s book has a beautiful ending about the value of friendships. Cambio Chameleon also has a few conversation-starting questions at the end. Magellan’s artwork is eye-catching, and the story is touching and meaningful.

Age 4-8

Editorial Reviews:

“A children’s tale about a colorful reptile and her friends written and illustrated by the drummer for the Georgia Satellites.” Don O’Briant, Atlanta Journal, and Constitution

About the Author

Mauro Magellan was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and immigrated with his family to the United States a few years later. Mauro has been illustrating books, designing, and playing music for well over 45 years. He has had tremendous success with both of these talents. His children’s picture books feature engaging animals to the delight of young and old alike. Mauro’s talents as an illustrator encompass pen and ink, lead/carbon, watercolor, and oils. He is also quite accomplished in reproducing fine botanical details. Mauro may be best known as the drummer with “The Georgia Satellites” who shook up the music industry in the late 1980s with several hit songs. He still plays with Dan Baird, lead singer of the Satellites all over the world. Mauro now lives in a 120-year-old farmhouse in Wisconsin with his wife, Tracy. Together they have two wonderful daughters Rachel, and Julia, and a granddaughter, Leah. His hobbies include oxygen planting native trees, gardening, woodworking, and collecting vintage drum sets.

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