Handbook for Involving Parents in Education

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Handbook for Involving Parents in Education

Doris K. Williams

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Written in 1985, the Handbook for Involving Parents in Education gives historical perspectives of American families. Parent involvement still plays an essential role in children’s schooling. Readers can take a look at the educational landscape of the past, in the mid-1980s. Doris K. Williams compiled this publication with research from journal articles written by numerous scholars.

Handbook for Involving Parents in Education uses studies from sociologists, psychologists, medical, and developmental experts. Williams discusses topics that affected schooling at the time in this handbook. She covers the role of the family and even the single parenting dynamic circa 1985. Williams also looked at gifted children and school counseling programs, as well. The goal was for parents to gain a better understanding of early childhood development and education. The complete approach to school, including daycare support and learning programs for families. At the end of each theory are Application Activities for involved parents in education to complete.

For more exercises to get others involved, you can view the book, Activities for Parent Groups. Parents can gain a better understanding of early childhood development and educational topics, including daycare support. Handbook for Involving Parents in Education gives resources and tips to achieve the best education for their child at the time.

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Doris K. Williams received her Ph.D. in Philosophy from Ohio State University. She has authored several books and scholarly journal articles about childcare programs, including Head Start.

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