Awareness Training for Parents

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Awareness Training for Parents: Tuning In To Your Child

Betty Rowen

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In this book, written in 1975, Betty Rowen gives a glimpse into parenting and early childhood development. Raising children does not come with a step-by-step playbook, and Awareness Training for Parents will show this. However, for generations, parents have been seeking expert opinions. With vast information out there, parents turn to doctors, psychologists, and teachers. Personally, new parents will often ask their friends and family for advice based on their experiences. Every parent wants to do a great job raising their children, so they consume reading materials, and videos and have many conversations.

Unfortunately, many experts identify a “norm” for standards when every case differs. Assigning measurements and deadlines for milestones of childhood development creates worry. In reality, children’s growth and development have no defined norms. No perfect formula exists for parents to foster children’s intelligence. Every child has unique traits and does not match every standard one expert specifies. The book Awareness Training for Parents has activities for adults and children. This parenting guide shows how to develop your techniques to get to know your child better.

Awareness Training for Parents helps you heighten awareness of your child and not force developmental growth. By tuning into your child, you can help them grow in healthy and productive ways. This guide gives parents tips on how to assess their children. Rowen discusses identifying your child’s individual needs to stimulate in a proper environment. Awareness Training for Parents: Tuning In To Your Child helps you see your child reaches their fullest potential.  

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About the Author

Betty J. Rowen, an early childhood education professor at the University of Miami, had a passion for dance and fine arts. Dr. Rowen taught at Miami from 1969 to 1985 and founded and ran the Harmony Creative Arts Center from 1977-1992. She incorporated her love for dance and movement when teaching young children believing, and her research shows art opens children’s learning receptors and unlocks their imaginative and creative potential. Dr. Rowen received her degree from Columbia University and authored numerous journal articles regarding early childhood education and development. She is listed in the Who’s Who of American Women consecutively from 1973-1980 and again in 2002. The NWSA, New World School of the Arts, gives an annual scholarship in her name.

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