Exploring Feelings

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Exploring Feelings: Activities for Young Children

Susan Neuman and Renee Panoff

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Everyone wants their child to grow into a healthy, self-confident, and secure adult. Dr. Susan Neuman delivers a guide to making this happen. Exploring Feelings provides a unique and invaluable activity book to develop children’s emotions. Neuman is a nationally renowned expert in early education, development, and literacy. Preschool teachers, parents, and homeschoolers can utilize this guide and its activities.

Exploring Feelings focuses on children’s social and emotional development. Preschool students will develop self-confidence, independence, and creative freedom. The activities in this book help children acknowledge and examine their feelings about their families, their friends, and themselves. This tool channels children’s emotions to use their five senses to explore the world around them. Fostering a positive self-concept and acceptance of others is critical.

Neuman uses everyday experiences, ideas, and materials in Exploring Feelings. The activities can be used in a group classroom or individual home setting. Adults can help young children develop a healthy outlook and positive self-image. This book on feelings helps preschoolers be all they can be.

You can view the Table of Contents on the product page by clicking Resources and Downloads. This section also contains a downloadable activity included in Neuman’s book.

About the Author

Dr. Neuman served as the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Elementary and Secondary Education. She established the Early Reading First program and Early Childhood Professional Development Education Program. Dr. Neuman also helped establish the “No Child Left Behind Act.” She previously taught at Temple, Eastern Connecticut State University, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, and Michigan. At the University of Michigan, she directed the Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement and Research Program on Ready to Learn, focusing on Preschool through Pre-K students. Throughout her career, Dr. Neuman has worked to improve children’s achievement, including those in poverty. Currently, she is the Chair of the Teaching and Learning Department at the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.

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