Scissor Sorcery: Cutting Activities for Early Childhood

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Scissor Sorcery: Cutting Activities for Early Childhood

Sharon Bryant Carpenter


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With some fun Scissor Sorcery activities, preschoolers will work their little wizardly fingers as adults guide them. Author Sharon Bryant Carpenter discusses the importance of creating a safe cutting environment where young children use scissors. Cutting activities promote cognitive development along with gross and fine motor skills. This guide discusses the different types of scissors, cuts, and their history. The first book of its kind, Scissor Sorcery, can be implemented at school or home and is great for both left and right-handed children.

Scissor Sorcery has over 100 safely designed reproducible activities in a developmental sequence. All scissor lessons provide hands-on learning, which improves retention. Learning how to cut helps develop children’s visual perception through hand-eye coordination. As preschoolers gain proficiency, they will start to master scissor techniques skillfully. Activities begin with clips, fringes, and lines. As children get better at sniping, they will cut curves, shapes, and mazes.

Children who learn to cut with precision will develop better writing skills and future academic success. Preschool and homeschool teachers can use Scissor Sorcery as a guide to observe poor cutting abilities and help those who struggle. The book also emphasizes safety, where you’ll learn how to set up a productive environment. As children sharpen their scissor skills through enjoyable activities, the young sorcerers will not want to stop.

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  1. Sarah E. Langston

    Great for Homeschoolers and Teachers!
    I bought this book for my 4-year-old to use at home with him. It is a very well-researched book about the history of scissors and provides numerous cutting activities that will grow with your child. The author’s cutting activities are hand drawings, so it does not have a professional look like pictures in a coloring book. I had the book spiral bound for easier photocopying of the pages. This book helped me teach my child the proper way to hold scissors and hold the page. A must for homeschoolers!

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