Science Activities Pre-K-3

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Science Activities: The Leaves Are Falling in Rainbows

Terry Lynne Graham and Michael Knight, Ph.D.

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Science Activities: The Leaves are Falling in Rainbows has activities developmentally sequenced by age group. Designed for preschool through kindergarten students, this versatile guide can be used in formal and informal settings and has teacher strategies to facilitate active learning.

Science can be a complicated subject, and theories can confuse young children. Author Terry Graham breaks down these concepts to come alive for young students as they touch, see, hear, and taste new things. This educational tool provides teachers with strategies that focus on transformations to enhance learning. Science Activities: The Leaves are Falling in Rainbows will engage children’s senses and curiosity.

Preschool through kindergarten, students will learn about water, air, plant growth, light, shadows, magnets, sound, changes, and electricity. Each activity comes with instructions for educators that address different developmental stages. This science resource book gives teachers practical tips on introducing toys, supplies, routines, and forming activity centers.

Young children will learn how to investigate, discover, and observe, which develops their thinking skills. Science Activities: The Leaves are Falling in Rainbows teaches how to define, compare, group, and find solutions. Students learn science best during this early developmental stage through interactive learning because they see it as real.

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About the Author

Terry Lynne Graham is an early childhood consultant with over 20 years of experience. She received her M.A. in Childhood Development from The University of Connecticut. She was also a preschool teacher and worked for ten years as a curriculum supervisor for Fulton County Schools in Georgia. Terry has authored several books on early education and development. Terry was an administrator at the Galloway School, a prestigious private school in Atlanta. Currently, she is the Director of Parish Early Childhood Programs at the Archdiocese of Atlanta. Graham oversees the preschool operations and develops the Pre-K curriculum that enriches children with hands-on learning. Terry continues to teach and train educators across the country in the field of early education.

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