Lives of Families

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Lives of Families: A Special Edition of Articles from the Southern Association on Children Under Six

Kay Powers

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Written in 1985, Lives of Families has a collection of over 20 articles from the Southern Association of Children. This culmination of articles delivers a unique view from the ’80s into American family dynamics and societal influences at the time. This book discusses childcare resources, single-parent, and low-income households, along with other relevant topics.

Lives of Families contains articles written by scholars from medical, educational, and sociological fields. Focusing on the crucial role that families play in childhood development, this book offers resources and information. The Southern Association’s goal was to give the insight to raise happy and healthy children amongst stressors of the era. The articles include topics like birth order, the importance of fathers, and being busy.

The family can foster proper developmental growth and education. Parents can teach a love of learning to young children by nurturing them. Lives of Families shows how to create an optimal home environment for children under six. Parent involvement plays a role in giving a child the best opportunities in life through adulthood.

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About the Author

Southern Association on Children Under Six (SACUS), now the Southern Early Childhood Association, is a journal that publishes articles. Topics typically include leadership, information on public policy initiatives, positions, pending legislation, and annual conference reports. SACUS also professionally reviews literature and children’s books.

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