Creatures of an Exceptional Kind

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Creatures of an Exceptional Kind Words and Paintings

Dorothy B. Whitney

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Creatures of an Exceptional Kind is a children’s picture book for all ages with words and pictures that tell a valuable story. Dorothy Whitney’s talents as a special educator and artist intensify a message of what it means to be different. Every creature can contribute positively to the world.

Toulouse Turtle has a broken back, Selina Snake lost her hiss, and Belinda Bird has a broken wing. When they are turned away in the forest by the other animals, they find friendship and support in one another by living together. They learn through helping each other that they all have the resourcefulness to survive and rejoice in their individuality. This children’s book demonstrates wisdom and universal truth that it is okay not to be the same as another creature.

Despite every creature being different, they communicate, share, get along, and take care of one another. Creatures of an Exceptional Kind will show children how to make the best of their unique qualities. A book for all ages, the colorful artwork and words show Whitney’s stimulating creativity.

Age 4-8

About the Author

Dorothy B. Whitney was a well-known and accomplished regional painter in New England. After receiving her degree, Dorothy attended Fitchburg University in Massachusetts. She lived in Fitchburg her entire life and was a special education teacher there for over thirty years. Dorothy wrote poetry throughout her life and, after retiring from teaching, she went back to school and received her C.N.A. Dorothy was always devoted to helping others and became a nurse’s aide in a local nursing home in Massachusetts. Dorothy stayed active her entire life with her art and writing.

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