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Zen Master Next Door: Parables for Enlightened Living, 2nd Edition

Zen Master Next Door

(6 customer reviews)

from $9.99

Zen Master Next Door

Ed Kardos

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SKU: 9780893344580


The modern-day parables in Zen Master Next Door send positive and inspirational messages. The insightful tales explore how all relationships touch our souls. Reflection helps you tap into a yearning to lead an inspiring life. The parables demonstrate how deep-rooted and ancient ideals remain timeless. Simplistic encounters with even a neighbor next door can have profound meaning. In today’s world, we accept hectic lifestyles and balance our family, job, and pleasures. Zen Master reminds us to take time and think about what we value. Live for today, not yesterday or tomorrow. The past becomes a distorted memory, and tomorrow can be a fantasy. By focusing on the here and now, we secure our future.

Each story in this book has meaning for all regardless of faith. Readers can find messages that connect them to their spirit. Zen Master’s parables will allow you to pause, listen, and capture the sacred in the ordinary world. Ed Kardos reminds us of the commonalities in all of humankind and that learning comes from wisdom. Every life experience shapes us, and if we listen to what we learn, we gain a greater understanding. We pass our knowledge onto others through our actions and tales. Storytelling has been an age-old facet of life and helps us find the truth. By listening to ourselves, we find our potential to live a life of inspiration. These gentle but moving stories help you embrace the present and let go of the past. Like our lives, the parables have simplicity and complexity.

Editorial Reviews

“These modern-day parables in Zen Master Next Door are compelling and left me wanting more.” Daniel Pink, author of A Whole New Mind

About the Author

Ed Kardos enjoys reading and studying Joseph Campbell’s work, an author who focused on the human experience. Kardos believes in the beauty of nature and all that surrounds us all. His trust in the interconnections of our world through spirituality and friendship helped shape his book Zen Master Next Door. The unique short stories in his book serve as modern-day “Zen parables.” These stories showcase his strong desire to be mindful of others and engage those around him. Ed has written four other books and has begun authoring a series of chronicles. Kardos also loves fantasy in books, movies, and art, which played a significant role in his life. He writes for young readers and those young at heart. He and his loving wife, Kristen, live in Richmond, Virginia, with their four children.

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Product details

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  1. Chris Fagan

    Five Stars:
    A great read….!

  2. A. Jolly

    A refreshing look at everyday life! What a great book! I really enjoyed this series of short stories. The characters in this book spoke to me, oftentimes giving me pause to check my own moral compass. Mr. Kardos has provided me with some great outlooks on everyday life while entertaining me with clever, enjoyable tales. Once I started, I couldn’t put it down. A book with a unique set of messages- I highly recommend it!

  3. Janet G.

    We all have a Zenmaster Nextdoor
    A wonderful collection that makes anyone who reads it think about those Zen Masters who have influenced their life. I am looking forward to Edward Kardos’ next offering.

  4. Sheila

    Five Stars
    Excellent stories. I really enjoyed this book.

  5. Benjamin Demeter

    “Zen Master Next Door” achieves something that few books in this genre even attempt.
    It is profoundly uplifting without being excessively preachy. A lot of the credit for this goes to the absolute moral messages communicated in each story.

  6. Susan Tate

    Two Words
    Powerful and quiet. What a powerhouse combination! Combined, these two words, describe the content and tone of “The Zen Master Next Door”.

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