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Looking at Children: Field Experiences in Child Study Dr. Richard Goldman

Looking at Children


Looking at Children: Field Experiences in Child Study

Richard Goldman, Johane Peck, and Stephen Lehane

SKU: 9780893340018


Looking at Children: Field Experiences in Child Study is an approach to learning materials for early childhood educators. Looking at Children consists of a series of fourteen units of structured exercises dealing with specific educational and developmental issues such as language development, classification, play, and moral development in children. Also included are up-to-date materials concerning family involvement, television, single-parent families, and the father’s role in parenting. Looking at Children can be used effectively as a part of a formal preservice or in-service training program. Don’t miss Looking at Children, an invaluable aid in helping you achieve the goals of improved educational competency and increased understanding of children.

Written in 1976, Looking at Children gives a perspective on early childhood development and education from that era. Dr. Richard Goldman bases this book on the concepts of the Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget and offers 14 units that provide exercises for educators. 

Looking at Children gives an experts’ view into childhood development in the ’70s and addresses potential issues. Despite the era of the book, Golden discusses single-parent families, the role of the father in a child’s life, and abuse in three units. Another unit covers how children view gender typing. Goldman also introduces how television affected children, which has now transformed into electronic devices. 

Other units in Looking at Children discuss how to stimulate infants and the role of play with children. This book also mentions childhood development areas like morals, language, and relationships. Goldman also notes how children deal with classes and another unit titled the “Notions of Numbers and Quantity.” This guide gives a glimpse into views from decades ago, where some still hold relevance. Looking at Children can be used as a historical reference guide or see how educational practices have changed.

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About the Author

Dr. Richard M. Goldman, a lifelong educator, philanthropist, and businessman, received his Ph.D. in Education from the University of Pittsburgh. He then joined the University’s faculty and taught at the University of Haifa and Kent State University. He also served as dean of the Nova Southeastern University School of Education in Florida. He and his wife Renée opened a private preschool in 1985 in Florida. The Goldmans founded a college preparatory school in the late 1990s, serving children from over 100 countries. It was one of the first schools to provide laptops to its students. The couple then opened several online educational learning centers, including Smart Horizons Career Online Education, the world’s first accredited virtual school. They also founded Cengage Learning who provides employee education with two clients being McDonald’s and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. The couple has generously supported the University Pittsburgh School of Education since 1976 in support of educational causes. Today, Richard is the board chairman at Smart Horizons, an online school he founded with his wife. He also works with Chai Tech, an online program that allows Jewish children from across the country to prepare and plan for their bar and bat mitzvahs.

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