Language Development for the Young Child

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Language Development for the Young Child: A Language Skill Workbook for Teaching Preschool Children

Ernestine Rainey

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For children with minimal language skills, this workbook has been used successfully amongst five and six-year-olds. Language Development for the Young Child has a program that utilizes characteristics that typically emerge from ages two through five. Rainey answers the needs of preschool children who come from environmentally deprived backgrounds or those with perceptual problems.

Language Development for the Young Child gives preschool teachers instructions on each project. Educators can address specific students’ needs and use the developmental language assessment in the workbook. Teachers will be able to identify initial language levels and skills and then record each child’s progress. Rainey offers classroom activities utilizing familiar concepts, like animals, to encourage children to use new words. Along with language development, preschool students will develop stronger perceptual abilities.

This step-by-step workbook suggests ways for teachers to integrate classroom activities to reinforce new vocabulary and word associations. Language Development for the Young Child gives preschool teachers creative ideas to build skills. This guide can be used to meet an individual child or a group of students based on the classroom’s needs.

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About the Author

Ernestine W. Rainey is a Professor Emerita of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Mississippi. As an early childhood educational researcher, she has authored numerous journal articles and books.

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