Awakening Minds: The Power of Creativity In Teaching

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Awakening Minds: The Power of Creativity In Teaching

James Downton

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Teachers, unpack your mind and make room for new ideas as you cultivate and awaken creative thinking with this guide. The more creativity you have in teaching, the more effective you will be. Awakening Minds provides enlightening exercises to help expand your awareness, craft novel ideas, cultivate change, and become more creative. Teachers have unique gifts or tools that can engage students through active and transformational learning. You will know how and when to use your creative tools after getting in touch with your identity. This book paves a path for professional and personal development.

Author James Downton, Jr. demonstrates how to think and teach with creativity. You will learn how to reflect while acquiring wisdom and purpose. Awakening Minds has engaging activities that will motivate students and get them to participate actively. As you unlock the power of creativity in teaching, you will discover how to listen deeply and lead dynamic discussions with strategic questioning. You will form positive relationships with students, and develop and inspire compassion and change.

Awakening Minds shows you the value of being coachable and how to coach your students effectively. Being able to accept and receive negative feedback helps you professionally develop. James Downton also provides tips on how to take on the challenge when faced with “nightmare students.” As you achieve creative balance, teaching becomes easier, more compelling, and more gratifying. Through the power of creativity, you will think, teach, and live a quality life while having fun! Loving what you do will inspire students, help them grow, and leave an imprint they will never forget!

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About the Author

James Downton, an award-winning professor, has written numerous academic and self-help books. He retired from the University of Colorado, Boulder, after teaching for 39 years. His life purpose is to help people increase their happiness, creativity, and wisdom while also doing those things for himself. His creative approaches to teaching won him multiple awards for teaching excellence. Downton incorporated these philosophies into his mentorship of students and workshops for faculty and graduate students. Downton has also taught courses in sociology, personal development, and creativity. Today, James lives in Boulder, Colorado, with his wife and loves being a husband, father, and grandfather. He is an avid squash and tennis player and also an artist. He has an art studio where he paints and sculpts. His life revolves around wholeness and creativity, cultivating wisdom, inner peace, happiness, and an easier way to live.

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