Your Child’s Special Needs

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Your Child’s Special Needs: A Survival Handbook for Parents and Teachers

Lawrence Greene

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Get a glimpse into every potential cause of learning disorders in Your Child’s Special Needs. Learning disabilities can be the source of a child’s poor behavior, failure, or low self-esteem. Dr. Lawrence J. Greene, a pioneer in assessing learning disabilities, worked with thousands of children and gives examples in case studies. This handbook will be a tremendous help to parents and teachers of children with learning disabilities. Your Child’s Special Needs discusses young children and learning-disabled teenagers to include all school ages.

Dr. Greene discusses how to diagnose learning disorders early on in Your Child’s Special Needs: A Survival Handbook for Parents and Teachers. He has seen first-hand that early intervention and diagnosis can produce dramatic yet positive results. The students in his case studies went on to perform better in school and at home. Dr. Greene covers many disabilities, including dyslexia, hyperactivity, language disorders, autism, and attention disorders.

Your Child’s Special Needs shows how a learning disorder affects child development in myriad ways and shares parent and professional perspectives. This survival handbook has parent involvement checklists and advice on choosing the best school programs and support groups. Your Child’s Special Needs provides tools that you can implement immediately, making this an essential handbook for teachers or parents of special needs children.

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About the Author

Lawrence J. Greene received his B.A. from Antioch College in French Language and literature and his M.A. from the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University. He is a nationally known author, educational diagnostician, therapist, consultant, and curriculum developer. Greene’s programs for teaching strategic thinking and study skills are widely used in the United States and Canada. He has evaluated and treated over 14,000 children and trained thousands of teachers in graduate school programs. Greene has written 23 books on education, parenting, and strategic thinking, having sold over 750,000 copies cumulatively. He continues to write, ghostwrite and edit. Greene currently resides in Los Angeles, California as an educational consultant.

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