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While You Are Expecting: Your Own Prenatal Classroom

While You Are Expecting

(5 customer reviews)

from $9.99

While You Are Expecting: Your Own Prenatal Classroom

F. Rene Van de Carr M.D. and Marc Lehrer M.D.

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SKU: 9780893342517


The age-old tale that tells you about children’s cognitive development beginning in the womb holds true. While You Are Expecting, a pioneering book for expectant parents gives you tools to bond with your unborn child. Dr. Rene Van de Carr and Dr. Marc Lehrer show parents how to communicate with babies before birth. The guide offers expectant parents exercises, tips to relieve stress, and how to create an optimum prenatal environment, or prenatal “classroom.”

While You Are Expecting: Your Own Prenatal Classroom was featured on Oprah and Donahue during its revolutionary release. This book has also been showcased in Newsweek, Reader’s Digest, and USA Today. Expectant parents will find easy-to-use techniques and explanations of the stages of prenatal physical and mental development.

This prenatal health guide concentrates on interactive exercises as you create an environment that fosters growth in the womb. Dr. Carr and Dr. Lehrer together devised this tool to result in easier births. While You Are Expecting: Your Own Prenatal Classroom develops children’s intellect and interactions. As you engage in these activities, mothers and fathers can continue to build a strong bond with their future bundle of joy.

About the Author

Dr. Marc Lehrer was a psychologist based in Santa Cruz, California. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago and a Ph.D. from Adelphi. He was the former President of the Northern California Society of Clinical Hypnosis and had a private practice. Dr. Lehrer also worked in the Department of Pediatrics Child Study Unit at the University of California Medical School. He specialized in stress management, hypnosis, and biofeedback. Dr. Lehrer traveled the world conducting workshops, including at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. His techniques were a result of his involvement with Milton Erickson’s teachings on medical hypnosis. Dr. Lehrer loved helping others, continued to learn through life, and left behind a wife and two daughters. His daughter, Claire, was the in-utero subject in the Prenatal Classroom that he co-authored with Dr. Van de Carr.

Dr. Rene Van de Carr is an early pioneer of prenatal stimulation and the founder and CEO of The Prenatal University. Dr. Van de Carr had a private practice in La Quinta, California, and holds patents for his educational, medical, and mechanical inventions. Two inventions include the first portable electronic fetal and infant respiration monitor. His work with prenatal and psychological care makes him one of the pioneers in in-utero development. Dr. Van de Carr has seven children with his wife Kristin, who also works in the pre-and peri-natal psychology field. He does speaking engagements and training seminars for prenatal development and stimulation.

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  1. Marque Pierre Sondergaard

    Good Work
    Good and sober information about bonding and teaching your child. During our pregnancy, we carried out the majority of the suggestions in the book with an amazing response. Today, although our daughter at present is only 2 months old, we have a wonderfully alert and happy daughter. She is very intelligent, good at focusing, and way ahead of the normal developmental curve for an infant. Also, we enjoyed the advice on nutrition and living in general. All in all highly recommendable to any expecting parents.

  2. R. Timochenko

    Five Stars
    Awesome book, more parents need to read this!

  3. Vickie Cross

    Awesome book about communicating with your prenatal child and beginning the process of interaction with the world, months before s/he is born. plenty of simple exercises to give your child months of head start in an increasingly complex and demanding world. highly recommended I am just glad I stumbled on this book at the right time!

  4. Brenda Bruester

    Very interesting perspective on connecting with your baby before it is born. I can’t wait to try some of the proposed lessons and report back

  5. Mary C.

    Easy to Understand
    It is easy to understand the concepts behind the communication you are having with your unborn baby because the book explains why you are doing what you are doing. It also backs up the notion of prenatal stimulation with case studies and results. This concept is very new to me and it’s wonderful and exciting to be able to participate in a process where I can give my unborn child “one-up” by the time she is born.

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