Lessons from Mother Goose

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Lessons from Mother Goose

Elaine Commins

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Classic nursery rhymes have been a timeless piece in preschool children’s learning for generations. Lessons From Mother Goose is full of colorful tales with historical lore and rhythmic cadences. Teachers and parents will recognize many of these nursery rhymes that may have entertained them during childhood. Nursery rhymes offer valuable learning experiences by enriching language skills through catchy words and activities.

Lessons From Mother Goose, by Elaine Commins, offers counting and alphabet lessons for preschool children. The rhythmic verses will be delightful to everyone’s ears. Nursery rhymes also help build children’s creative and intellectual skills. Teachers or parents can introduce children to poetry and literature while teaching them lessons.

Each rhyme incorporates learning in different areas. Lessons From Mother Goose features drama, math, art, music, social studies, and science. Each nursery rhyme comes with a fun activity or game to complement their traditional heritage. Let preschool students not only learn but also memorize verses and have some fun!

About the Author

Elaine Commins graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism and taught preschool for over 30 years. She is the author of numerous handbooks for teachers of early childhood education and was an accomplished artist. She profoundly impacted all the students she taught and the teachers she worked with. Commins’ educational guides are in wide use today.

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