Fraid E. Cat

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Fraid E Cat: A Fun E. Friends Book

Al Newman

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With a little help from Fraid E. Cat children can overcome their fears of the dark. Fraid E. Cat runs around all day and plays, but she does not want to fall asleep at night. Fraid E. Cat is so scared of the dark. When she lays down, her chair turns into a bear, and her wagon transforms into a big dragon.

The fearful cat needs a night light on because she doesn’t know what lies under the bed. Every noise she hears scares her so much that she trembles and hides under her blankets. With a bit of help, Fraid E. Cat overcomes her fears of the dark.

Fraid E. Cat, by Al Newman, has colorful illustrations and a fun flow of rhyming words about being scared of the dark. This book gently helps children see they are not the only ones afraid of the dark. Fraid E. Cat learns not to be afraid anymore and goes to sleep at night.

Age 4-8

About the Author

Al Newman was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, one of seven children. Before his retirement, Al worked as an advertising copywriter and creative director. He originally wrote Fraid E. Cat for his youngest daughter, Melia, because she was afraid of the dark. This spawned the Fun E. Friends series of children’s books to help with hygiene (Grub E. Dog), honesty (Fibber E. Frog), and manners (Giggle E.Goose). Al now lives in New York State and spends his time writing, painting, sculpting, and inventing new things

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  1. Marilyn D.

    Awesome Book
    My 5-year-old loved this book so much. It made her understand that there were no monsters in her room. I would refer this book to anyone that has a child who is scared of the dark.


    Another Great Little Book
    Will make a perfect gift for our grand children and great-grandchildren — we’ll have to look into other books by Al Newman….

  3. Becca

    Good Memories from Fraid E. Cat
    One of my most cherished childhood memories 🙂 I have been looking for this edition for years! Such a great little book!

  4. BDH

    Bought it for a gift.
    My granddaughter wanted to give it to her teacher who was expecting. It was her favorite book, she knew every word by heart at 5 years old. I hope her new baby will like it as well.

  5. K. Neumann

    It’s so fun to read out loud.
    Had the pocket version of this when I was little, and now I read it to my toddler. It’s so fun to read out loud, and we both get really into it.

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