A Primer on Adlerian Psychology

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Adlerian Psychology: Behavior Management Techniques for Children at Home and in School

Alex Chew Ed.D.

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A Primer on Adlerian Psychology gives an overview of the concepts and balances theory and practical application so that counselors, teachers, and parents can better understand children and communicate with them more effectively. Adlerian, or Individual Psychology, theory believes that children have creative capacities to make decisions and behave based on their private logic. Alfred Adler, one of the first child psychologists, was a contemporary of Freud and Jung. Adler had innovative perceptions of children’s personality development, which remain relevant today.

Children’s behavior has a purpose based on their goals and private logic, including striving for significance and a need to belong. A Primer on Adlerian Psychology discusses the family dynamic, including birth order and its effect on children’s behavior. Dr. Chew then discusses birth order in detail, including potential firstborn, second, middle, and only child attributes.

Another facet of Adlerian Psychology includes lifestyle, which means unique personality and lists 14 possible types. The personality types give a glimpse into how a child behaves and views themselves. A Primer on Adlerian Psychology breaks down active, passive, constructive, and destructive behavioral patterns and how they can pair together. Dr. Chew also explains the Adlerian concept of misbehavior which has premises on attention and power.

A Primer on Adlerian Psychology will provide you with new ideas on managing misbehavior. Dr. Chew provides explanations of rewards, punishments, and logical consequences with scenarios. This tool gives effective techniques to implement behavior management among young children. A Primer on Adlerian Psychology provides identification charts, examples, and further resources that expand on the concept. This resource gives you further insight and potential methods to try to understand children’s personalities better.

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About the Author

Dr. Alex L. Chew Ed.D. is a Professor Emeritus of Educational Psychology and Counseling at Georgia Southern’s graduate program. He earned degrees in education from Armstrong College and Georgia Southern College. Chew also possesses two doctorate degrees from the University of Mississippi. He began his professional career as a teacher and school counselor before becoming a psychologist and professor. Dr. Chew is widely recognized for developing The Lollipop Test, now in its 3rd edition. This ground-breaking instrument assesses children’s readiness to enter pre-K, Kindergarten, or first grade. This renowned assessment tool was first published in 1981 and is currently administered to children across North and Latin America.

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  1. Lindsey Chukueke


    Just an all-around great book on Adler. I recommend this to educators and parents. Thanks, Alex Chew. Good stuff.

  2. C. Derick Varn

    Good Summary
    Chew presents a useful breakdown of Alderman principles applied primarily to behavior management. Useful if little of the research used extends much past the 1980s. One can see how Alder was vital to the love and logic and classroom democracy movements still in vogue today.

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