You Can’t Trust Your Own Mind

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You Can’t Trust Your Own Mind

Dr. David J. French

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You may be unable to trust others, but do you trust yourself? In, You Can’t Trust Your Own Mind, go on an excavation and exploration inside your head. Dr. David French takes you on a journey to find your deep, true identity in this psychology book. If you feel repressed by fear or alienation, he offers techniques to understand your profound truths. Dr. French gives tips and shows his discipline, experience, understanding, and compassion. In the end, you will see a new reality and look back at your old distorted one.

You Can’t Trust Your Own Mind shows readers how pain causes us to build an emotional shelter. Dr. French gives professional advice on being truthful and trusting others despite having resistance in doing so. You will discover what triggers the alarm inside the mind (or the machine as Dr. French calls it) and how it causes destruction. As Dr. French discloses his vulnerabilities within the text, you will be able to look inside yourself and begin working through your pain as well.

You will get tools to help you build more satisfying relationships, hope for self-fulfillment, and permission to be yourself. Dr. French gives you the insight to stop playing games, face your fears, and combat self-destructive thoughts and behaviors. As you learn to accept yourself, you will protect yourself from false, preconceived notions. In the end, you will learn how to be more trusting of others and how you can trust your own mind.

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Editorial Reviews

“Through Dr. French’s Personal balance Therapy, he brings together all the parts of what makes each one of us unique, and sets the reader on the path of wholeness.” D.C. Hadden, Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“This book can save one’s sanity, relationships, maybe even one’s life. Patients of mine commonly arrive in a state of despair and depression, losing all hope, faith, trust, and love. Readers may be skeptical to try yet another book to better understand the hurt within, but believe this book will open one’s eyes and direct one to experiencing inner peace. To be able to see the patterns of our actions that lead us to heartache and frustration is eye-opening and allows the reader to understand the “automatic self”. Dr. French teaches that by modifying and reeducating the “Machine” that allows us to achieve a balance with our “real self.” The descriptions were right on target. The reader will find this book encouraging, even those that may feel that they are too far gone to be helped .many readers will find themselves, turning back to this book again and again when they are in need of a reality check. They will find healing in the pages within.” James S. Pratty, M.D. Psychiatrist Medical Director, Azimuth Mental Health Associates

“What I love about Dr. French and his book is how real. This book is great for all health workers, educators, rehabilitation staff, and individuals addressing their own issues. His spirituality and sensitivity are great.” Richard L Rosenberg, Ph.D. Lead vocational coordinator, Whittier Union High School District.

About the Author

Dr. David French, a Psychologist, Marriage, and Family Therapist, has been in private practice for over 40 years. Dr. French specializes in stress management and burnout prevention in his Whitter, California, practice. Dr. French’s methodology involves self-awareness, and he has invented “Personal Balance Therapy™.” This therapy has been a very successful outpatient program by tapping into awareness to restore patients’ minds. Dr. French not only provides therapy services but offers consulting services to corporations. He studies company cultures and provides motivational and behavior training to clients. Dr. French also gives lectures across the country, evaluates police officers, and holds life-coach and awareness training seminars.

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  1. Henrietta Garcia

    Good advice.
    Very good book. I recommend this book. I had the privilege of meeting Dr. French…..

  2. Raquel Landeros

    Oh how our mind plays tricks! Thinking we can’t because our mind tells us we can’t. Hmmm….very liberating to learn I can free myself from the stories I tell myself.

  3. Mie

    I recommend making an appointment with him.
    French is a truly a miracle worker. This book makes more sense if you know him personally and have benefitted from his incredible way of helping people. I often go back to read chapters that I need as reminders when things creep up again and collect. I recommend making an appointment with him. He will help you become an authentic, strong and loving person.

  4. Mia P.

    French is a truly a miracle worker.
    This book makes more sense if you know him personally and have benefitted from his incredible way of helping people. I often go back to read chapters that I need as reminders when things creep up again and collect.

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