Body, Self, and Soul

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Body, Self, and Soul: Sustaining Integration

Jack Rosenberg, Marjorie L. Rand, and Diane Asay

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Body, Self, and Soul shows how to achieve personal and internal growth using “Integrative Body Psychotherapy” (IBP). Dr. Jack Rosenberg’s holistic method brings the body, mind, emotions, and spirit together through a profound therapy that delivers lasting changes. Body, Self, and Soul: Sustaining Integration is written for those seeking personal or professional development. This book gives excellent insight if you want to grow personally or are curious about Dr. Rosenberg’s work.

Integrative Body Psychotherapy” (IBP) blends a range of ancient Eastern and modern Western philosophies and techniques from some of psychology’s founding fathers. With a combination of Freud, Jung, Gestalt, Reich, and Yoga, this therapy excites and holds prominence today.

By freeing tensions in your body, you release suppressed emotions, which enhance your mental and physical health. Body, Self, and Soul: Sustaining Integration demonstrates the basic tools of “Integrative Body Psychotherapy.” Rosenberg shows how body segments work together in self-development and all facets of sexuality, including the sexual experience.

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Editorial Reviews:

“The authors’ broad perspective is a welcome relief from the narrowness of most self-development systems. Body, Self, and Soul is thoughtful, practical, and very well informed.” Michael Murphy, founder of Esalen Institute

About the Author

Dr. Jack Lee Rosenberg was an internationally renowned psychologist and founder of IBP, Integrative Body Psychotherapy. Starting a career in dentistry, he became intrigued with psychology by visiting Esalen Institute, a retreat center in California. He conducted workshops at the Esalen Institute for over 40 years and had a private practice in Venice, California. Dr. Rosenberg specialized in body therapy, sexuality, and couple’s counseling. IBP has been recognized and approved as effective somatic psychotherapy. IBP uses Gestalt, Bioenergetic, and self-psychology theories to integrate somatic and consciousness awareness. Focusing on breathing, IBP works the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. This type of cutting-edge therapy identifies reflexes that block self-awareness and helps uncover coping mechanisms. There are five affiliated IBP Institutes in Canada, one in Italy and one in Switzerland. These global training centers teach mental health professionals how to treat patients with Integrative Body Psychotherapy. Dr. Jack Lee Rosenberg authored Total Orgasm, Body, Self, and Soul: Sustaining Integration and co-authored The Intimate Couple.

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  1. Nelson Simas Costa (verified owner)

    Five Stars
    I decided to give it 5 stars for the feeling of well-being I got when reading it. I recommend this book to every serious therapist who is trying to offer a crystal-clear, consistent, honest, straightforward process for their clients or patients.

  2. Denise Rosner

    Very Timely Book
    It’s amazing that this book was written so long ago. Wish I had read it then but am grateful for it now!

  3. Connie Edwards

    Great Read and Exercises
    This is a great book on self-discovery and also helps in understanding other individuals in your life. There are great exercises to bring you back to your core being.

  4. cmiddleton

    Incredibly insightful book by an inspiring wise man that will forever leave a huge impact on my life. RIP Jack.

  5. Funn Roberts

    Great Book
    Incredible book, full of great information and a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and empathy.

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