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Jack Rosenberg

Dr. Jack Rosenberg, the founder of IBP, was an internationally renowned psychologist. He founded Integrative Body Psychotherapy. IBP, a non-invasive form of somatic psychotherapy, integrates Eastern and Western approaches. Jack Rosenberg’s techniques treat the entire person. IBP’s techniques integrate the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Starting a career in dentistry, Jack Rosenberg became intrigued with psychology. He spent time visiting Esalen Institute, a retreat center in Big Sur, California. Dr. Rosenberg conducted workshops at Esalen for over 40 years. He also had a private practice in Venice, California. Dr. Rosenberg specialized in body therapy, sexuality, couple’s counseling, and IBP.

Integrative Body Psychotherapy has recognition as approved and effective somatic psychotherapy. IBP uses Gestalt, Bioenergetic, and self-psychology theories to integrate somatic and consciousness awareness. Focusing on breathing, IBP works the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Jack Rosenberg’s cutting-edge IBP therapy identifies reflexes that block self-awareness. Integrative Body Psychotherapy helps uncover one’s coping mechanisms. There are five affiliated IBP Institutes in Canada, one in Italy and one in Switzerland. IBP training centers teach mental health and allied professionals how to treat patients. Individuals interested in personal development can also learn Rosenberg’s Integrative Body Psychotherapy.

Dr. Jack Lee Rosenberg authored the best-selling book, Total Orgasm. He wrote Body, Self, and Soul: Sustaining Integration with Asay and Rand. Dr. Rosenberg also co-authored The Intimate Couple.

Body, Self, and Soul: Sustaining Integration

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