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Al Newman photo

Al Newman

Al Newman was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, one of seven children. Before his retirement, Al worked as an advertising copywriter… Continue reading Al Newman

Albert Hofmann photo

Albert Hofmann

Albert Hofmann, known as “The Father of LSD,” was a Swiss chemist and the first person in the world to… Continue reading Albert Hofmann

Alex Chew Ed.D.

Alex Chew

Dr. Alex L. Chew Ed.D. is a Professor Emeritus of Educational Psychology and Counseling at Georgia Southern College. He taught… Continue reading Alex Chew

Ann Purcell Photo

Ann Purcell

Ann Purcell, an award-winning author, has been teaching Transcendental Meditation worldwide since 1973. Her book, The Journey of Enlightenment, won the 2015… Continue reading Ann Purcell

Anna Maria Crum photo

Anna Maria Crum

Anna Maria Crum has had a love for drawing and books since childhood. She has taken that passion to write… Continue reading Anna Maria Crum

Anthony Coletta photo

Anthony Coletta

Dr. Anthony Coletta is a tenured professor who teaches Elementary and Early Childhood Education at William Paterson University in New… Continue reading Anthony Coletta

Barbara Carr photo

Barbara Carr

Dr. Barbara Carr devoted herself to all aspects of education and began her career as a senior executive with the… Continue reading Barbara Carr

Barbara McRae photo

Barbara McRae

A nationally known MCC (Master Certified Coach), Barbara McRae began her career as a leadership coach. McRae founded Enhanced Life… Continue reading Barbara McRae

Barbara Beyer Malley photo

Barbara Beyer Malley

Barbara Beyer Malley was a writer, pilot, yachtswoman, golfer, and bridge player. She lived to be 97 and resided in… Continue reading Barbara Beyer Malley

Beatrice Cayzer photo

Beatrice Cayzer

Beatrice Fairbanks Cayzer has lived in Europe, the United States and traveled widely abroad, spending much time in Dubai. Her… Continue reading Beatrice Cayzer

Betty Rowen photo

Betty Rowen

Betty J. Rowen, an early childhood education professor at the University of Miami, had a passion for dance and fine… Continue reading Betty Rowen

Bill Crawford photo

Bill Crawford

Dr. Bill Crawford is a licensed psychologist, author, organizational consultant, and keynote speaker. He has a master’s degree and a… Continue reading Bill Crawford

Bill Cunningham photo

Bill Cunningham

Dr. William G. Cunningham received his Ph.D. from Duke University and has vast experience researching stress. He taught at Old… Continue reading Bill Cunningham

Billie S. Ables photo

Billie S. Ables

Dr. Billie S. Ables was a marriage counselor and Psychology Professor at the University of Kentucky and in the U.K.… Continue reading Billie S. Ables

Bob Messing photo

Bob Messing

Bob Messing was a seasoned executive who graduated from Princeton with a sociology degree and received his OPM from Harvard.… Continue reading Bob Messing

Bonnie Connolly photo

Bonnie Connelly

Bonnie Connelly was an English teacher at Miller Place School on Long Island, NY. She earned her bachelor’s degree in… Continue reading Bonnie Connelly

Carl Garant photo

Carl Garant

Carl Garant was born and raised in Chicago. He received Industrial Design BFA and MFA degrees from the University of… Continue reading Carl Garant

Carol Addlestone photo

Carol Addlestone

Carol Addlestone is a professional writer and editor who focuses mainly on religious literature. She has done extensive research on… Continue reading Carol Addlestone

Clean Air Conservancy photo

Clean Air Conservancy

In 1992, The Clean Air Conservancy, a non-profit charity, was founded in Cleveland, Ohio. Their mission: to protect the planet’s air… Continue reading Clean Air Conservancy

Cynthia M. Manthey photo

Cynthia Manthey

Cynthia M. Manthey worked as a preschool teacher and has always been passionate about teaching and early childhood development. Cynthia… Continue reading Cynthia Manthey

Dagmar Lowe photo

Dagmar Lowe

Dagmar Lowe was born in Germany and attended the University of Zurich in Switzerland. She has advanced degrees in German,… Continue reading Dagmar Lowe

Daniel McBrayer photo

Daniel McBrayer

Dr. Daniel J. McBrayer is a Professor of Psychology Emeritus and the Head of the Education Department at Berry College.… Continue reading Daniel McBrayer

David French photo

David French

Dr. David French, a Psychologist, Marriage, and Family Therapist, has been in private practice for over 40 years. Dr. French… Continue reading David French

David Ryback photo

David Ryback

Dr. David Ryback is a psychologist, speaker, author, consultant, and trainer. He specializes in emotional intelligence, leadership training, and relationship… Continue reading David Ryback

Denise Theobald photo

Denise Theobald

Even as a young child, Denise realized the value of teaching and learning as she would “play school” with her… Continue reading Denise Theobald

Derek Whordley photo

Derek Whordley

Dr. Derek Whordley is a professor at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and was the Dean at their School of Education.… Continue reading Derek Whordley

DJ Filson photo

D.J. Filson

D.J. Filson published her first book with Green Dragon, which demonstrates her love for dogs. She grew up on a… Continue reading D.J. Filson

Don Johnson photo

Don Johnson

Don L. Johnson is an Organizational Development consultant and speaker. He attended Bethel College in St. Paul, MN, where he… Continue reading Don Johnson

Dorothy Whitney Picture

Dorothy Whitney

Dorothy B. Whitney was a well-known and accomplished regional painter in New England. After receiving her degree, Dorothy attended Fitchburg… Continue reading Dorothy Whitney

Michael Lillibridge photo

E. Michael Lillibridge

Dr. E. Michael Lillibridge was a psychologist and marriage and family therapist with over 30 years of experience. Dr. Lillibridge… Continue reading E. Michael Lillibridge

Ed Kardos photo

Ed Kardos

Ed Kardos enjoys reading and studying Joseph Campbell’s work, an author who focused on the human experience. Kardos believes in… Continue reading Ed Kardos

Elaine Commins photo

Elaine Commins

Elaine Commins graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism and taught preschool for over 30 years. She is… Continue reading Elaine Commins

Erin Leonard photo

Erin Leonard

Dr. Erin K. Leonard, a psychotherapist, has been practicing for over 20 years and specializes in individual, couples, and family… Continue reading Erin Leonard

Faith Tadman Photo

Faith Tadman

Faith Tadman has a background in preschool education, having opened and run a successful in-home preschool for over seven years.… Continue reading Faith Tadman

Fritz Smith photo

Fritz Smith

Dr. Fritz Frederick Smith graduated from the College of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons in 1955 and the California College of… Continue reading Fritz Smith

Gary B. Wilson photo

Gary B. Wilson

Gary B. Wilson has expertise in organizational development, leadership, and early childhood development. Mr. Wilson’s career includes the early implementation… Continue reading Gary B. Wilson

Henry Sanoff photo

Henry Sanoff

Henry Sanoff is a well-known architectural designer and retired professor. He is a highly esteemed educator winning many awards. Sanoff… Continue reading Henry Sanoff

Inez Stein photo

Inez Stein

Inez Stein is a Registered and Certified yoga therapist and Kripalu teacher who has been featured in Yoga Journal. She… Continue reading Inez Stein

Jack Rosenberg IBP photo

Jack Rosenberg

Dr. Jack Rosenberg, the founder of IBP, was an internationally renowned psychologist. He founded Integrative Body Psychotherapy. IBP, a non-invasive… Continue reading Jack Rosenberg

James Eggert photo

James Eggert

James Eggert is a retired emeritus economics professor and writer who taught at the University of Wisconsin-Stout for over 30… Continue reading James Eggert

James Downton photo

James Downton

James Downton, an award-winning professor, has written numerous academic and self-help books. He retired from the University of Colorado, Boulder,… Continue reading James Downton

Jame Vollebracht photo

James Vollbracht

James Vollbracht is an author, educational keynote speaker, and trainer who believes in creating a caring culture for children. He… Continue reading James Vollbracht

Jane Caballero Hodges photo

Jane Caballero Hodges

Dr. Jane Hodges’ impressive background started with her career in Early Childhood Development and Education. She was an Elementary Education… Continue reading Jane Caballero Hodges

Jane Foster photo

Jane Foster

Jane Foster was born in New Orleans and moved to New York City to study English Literature and Art. She… Continue reading Jane Foster

Janet Rubin photo

Janet Rubin

Dr. Janet E. Rubin is a prominent fine arts scholar and educator specializing in performing arts, earning her Ph.D. from… Continue reading Janet Rubin

Jeanne Peterson photo

Jeanne Peterson

Dr. Jeanne M. Peterson, a psychologist in San Diego, received her undergraduate degree from the Wesleyan University in Connecticut. She… Continue reading Jeanne Peterson

Jeannine Perez photo

Jeannine Perez

Dr. Jeannine Perez received her B.A. and M.A. and her Ed.D. from Illinois State University. She earned degrees in Art… Continue reading Jeannine Perez

Jerry Dalton photo

Jerry Dalton

Dr. Jerry Dalton earned his Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Louisville. He may be best known for being… Continue reading Jerry Dalton

Jessica Gates Frederick photo

Jessica Gates Fredericks

Jessica Gates Fredericks has been a music teacher for over 20 years and knows how to get people moving. She… Continue reading Jessica Gates Fredericks

Jim McGregor photo

Jim McGregor

Jim McGregor was born in Canada and early on in his life worked on family-owned Angus cattle farms in New… Continue reading Jim McGregor

Joe D. Goldstrich photo

Joe D. Goldstrich

Dr. Joe D. Goldstrich received his M.D. from the University of Texas Southwest Medical School. He was a fourth-year student… Continue reading Joe D. Goldstrich

John Heider photo

John Heider

Dr. John Heider, a teacher, and Taoist at heart was a prominent figure in the Human Potential Movement. He believed… Continue reading John Heider

Dr. John M. Porter photo

John Porter

Dr. John M. Porter is a renowned trauma surgeon, professor, and speaker who received a medical degree from Johns Hopkins… Continue reading John Porter

John Inzerillo photo

John Inzerillo

Dr. John Inzerillo, a renowned cancer specialist, has been practicing medicine in North Carolina for over 20 years. He uses… Continue reading John Inzerillo

Karen Hicks photo

Karen Hicks

Karen Hicks started writing during her teenage years while growing up in Wisconsin. At 19, she moved to Nashville and… Continue reading Karen Hicks

Karla Wendelin photo

Karla Wendelin

Dr. Karla Hawkins Wendelin was a consultant for the popular PBS program, “Reading Rainbow,” and wrote the “Reading Rainbows” Teacher and… Continue reading Karla Wendelin

Kathryn Castle photo

Kathryn Castle

Dr. Kathryn Castle, a prominent educator, author, and historian, received her bachelor’s degree from Cornell and her master’s and Ph.D.… Continue reading Kathryn Castle

Kenneth France Photo

Kenneth France

Dr. Kenneth Olin France is a psychologist in Pennsylvania and teaches at Shippensburg University. He received his Bachelor’s degree from… Continue reading Kenneth France

Larry Lowenstein Photo

Larry Lowenstein

Larry Lowenstein had a storied career in public relations. He was dubbed as a “press agent” by Elizabeth Taylor, Eddie… Continue reading Larry Lowenstein

Larry Meredith photo

Larry Meredith

Dr. Lawrence “Larry” Meredith is an Emeritus Professor at the University of the Pacific in California. He is an accomplished… Continue reading Larry Meredith

Lawrence Greene photo

Lawrence Greene

Lawrence J. Greene received his B.A. from Antioch College in French Language and literature and his M.A. from the Graduate… Continue reading Lawrence Greene

Lawrence Baines Photo

Lawrence Baines

Dr. Lawrence Baines is a Director and Professor of Teacher Education at Berry College in Rome, GA. He received his… Continue reading Lawrence Baines

Lynn Manne photo

Lynne Mann

Dr. Lynne Mann graduated from the Virginia University Charlottesville School of Education. She received her Ph.D. in Philosophy from the… Continue reading Lynne Mann

Marc Lehrer photo

Marc Lehrer

Dr. Marc Lehrer was a psychologist based in Santa Cruz, California. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of… Continue reading Marc Lehrer

Marcia Shemaria Green Photo

Marcia Green

Marcia Shemaria Green taught preschool at the Weinstein School and holds a degree from the University of Georgia in Early… Continue reading Marcia Green

Marcie Goldman photo

Marcie Goldman

Dr. Marcie Goldman, a psychologist, received her undergraduate degree from the University of California at San Diego. She received her… Continue reading Marcie Goldman

Marcus Wells photo

Marcus Wells

Marcus Wells, M.D., is a lifestyle coach, author, researcher, and public speaker who focuses on getting people to live healthier… Continue reading Marcus Wells

Margaret Merrion photo

Margaret Merrion

Dr. Margaret Merrion is the Dean Emerita of the College of Fine Arts at Western Michigan University. She was the… Continue reading Margaret Merrion

Marilyn Segal photo

Marilyn Segal

Dr. Marilyn “Mickey” Mailman Segal, an American developmental psychologist, author, and educator, advocated for young children throughout her career. She… Continue reading Marilyn Segal

Marilyn Atyeo Photo

Marilyn Atyeo

Marilyn J. Atyeo attended the University of Georgia and specialized in early childhood education. She has written several journal articles… Continue reading Marilyn Atyeo

Marvin Tolman Photo

Marvin Tolman

Dr. Marvin N. Tolman is a noteworthy American educator, teaching in Utah throughout his life. Known in Utah as “the… Continue reading Marvin Tolman

Mary Anne Christenberry Photo

Mary Anne Christenberry

Dr. Mary Anne Christenberry taught undergraduate studies at Augusta College in Georgia. She specialized in early education. Dr. Anne Christenberry’s… Continue reading Mary Anne Christenberry

Master Tao Huang

Master Tao Huang, also known as Purple Yang, is the creator and teacher of the Meridian Dance healing method. He… Continue reading Master Tao Huang

Mauro Magellan photo

Mauro Magellan

Mauro Magellan was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and immigrated with his family to the United States a few… Continue reading Mauro Magellan

Michael Solomon photo

Michael Solomon

Michael Solomon is a former member of the NYPD and recipient of 19 medals for exceptional work. During his time with… Continue reading Michael Solomon

Miriam Bowden Photo

Miriam Bowden

Miriam Bowden lives in Shreveport, Louisiana, with her husband. They have two grown children. Miriam composes and teaches music at… Continue reading Miriam Bowden

Normas Banas photo

Norma Banas

Norma Banas, a retired educator, has taken her passion for training and now works with animals in Florida. Dr. Banas… Continue reading Norma Banas

Pam Metz photo

Pamela Metz

Pamela Metz lives in Denver, Colorado, where she served as Associate Professor Emeritus at the University of Denver and the… Continue reading Pamela Metz

Ray Grigg photo

Ray Grigg

Ray Grigg, a Taoist scholar, has authored several books on Taoism and Zen, which reach an international audience. He has… Continue reading Ray Grigg

Rebecca Lilly photo

Rebecca Lilly

Dr. Rebecca Lilly’s love of philosophy and writing shows in her academic accomplishments. She received her Philosophy B.A. from The… Continue reading Rebecca Lilly

Carr Rene photo

Rene Van de Carr

Dr. Rene Van de Carr is an early pioneer of prenatal stimulation and the founder and CEO of The Prenatal… Continue reading Rene Van de Carr

Richard Goldman photo

Richard Goldman

Dr. Richard M. Goldman, a lifelong educator, philanthropist, and businessman, received his Ph.D. in Education from the University of Pittsburgh.… Continue reading Richard Goldman

Robert Mykle photo

Robert Mykle

Award-winning author Robert Mykle grew up in Boston, graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, then set off to… Continue reading Robert Mykle

Roy Dimond photo

Roy Dimond

Roy Dimond has not always been a writer. He spent much of his adult life, 30 years, as a Youth… Continue reading Roy Dimond

Susan Neuman photo

Susan Neuman

Dr. Susan B. Neuman specializes in early children’s literacy development and is a professor, researcher, and education policy-maker at NYU.… Continue reading Susan Neuman

Susan Stern photo

Susan Stern

Susan Stern is a Reading Specialist in the Miller Place School on Long Island, NY.  She earned her Bachelor of Arts… Continue reading Susan Stern

Tarynn Witten photo

Tarynn Witten

Dr. Tarynn M. Witten specializes in computational biology and mathematical modeling, and computer simulation experience. She penned The Tao of… Continue reading Tarynn Witten

Terry Lynne Graham photo

Terry Lynne Graham

Terry Lynne Graham is an early childhood consultant with over 20 years of experience. She received her M.A. in Childhood… Continue reading Terry Lynne Graham

Wayne Holland photo

Wayne Holland

Wayne Holland was born in LeJunior, Kentucky, a tiny coal-mining town in Harlan County. He graduated from Southeastern College with… Continue reading Wayne Holland

William Blaine photo

William Blaine

Dr. William E. Blaine was a Navy Pilot in WWII and Korea. He received a B.A. from Bowdoin College, M.B.A.… Continue reading William Blaine

William H. Van Hoose photo

William H. Van Hoose

Dr. William H. Van Hoose was a highly esteemed Counselor Education Professor at the University of Virginia. He received his… Continue reading William H. Van Hoose