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Michael Solomon

Michael Solomon is a former member of the NYPD and recipient of 19 medals for exceptional work. During his time with the NYPD, Michael survived two assassination attempts on his life. After 15 years of police work, Michael entered finance and management, becoming a successful small business owner. He was twice nominated as operating the best business in America in his field by a national magazine.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree Magna Cum Laude in Behavioral Sciences from the New York Institute of Technology and a Masters with Distinction in Public Administration from Long Island University.  As an adjunct professor, he taught Political Science and Public Administration at William Patterson College in New Jersey. He is a guest lecturer for the Executive MBA Program at Florida Atlantic University’s College of Business. He has also been a guest lecturer at numerous other colleges and universities. In 2008, he presented the keynote address to the graduate school commencement at the New York Institute of Technology.

In 2003, Michael’s charitable work earned him the honor of Humanitarian of the Year by the New York State Senate and Assembly. He was assigned as the intelligence officer to the U.S. State Department, where he participated in treaty negotiations between the U.S. and Turkey. He has personally met four U.S. Presidents and was the security detail for the Shah of Iran and Madame Chang of Taiwan when they would visit New York.

He authored two novels before writing The Conversion Prophecy, winner of the 2017 John E. Weaver “Reader’s Choice Award” for best book in fiction. He has written Guest Editorials for national trade magazines, has been the subject of numerous articles, has appeared as a guest on over 350 radio and television shows as a political and business analyst. In 2006 he was named among others as “Time Magazine’s Person of the Year.”

He currently lives in Florida and does business consulting, political and motivational speaking on a national level.

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