Larry Lowenstein Photo

Larry Lowenstein

Larry Lowenstein had a storied career in public relations. He was dubbed as a “press agent” by Elizabeth Taylor, Eddie Fisher, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, and other celebrities. Larry was also the first press agent for Crest toothpaste and Zest soap and an executive for CBS in New York City.

Larry left New York and moved to Georgia in 1974 and became the information officer for Atlanta Public Schools. He also was the Atlanta Partnership of Business and Education executive director and promoted radio and television stations. Lowenstein created WXIA’s ongoing Community Service Awards program. He is also responsible for televising Atlanta’s Emmy awards. He produced the show and lined up comedian Phyllis Diller as an emcee.

Lowenstein had worked in continuing education at KSU since 1992 and is credited with the success of KSU’s “Meet the President” television show, University Press, and their program to keep people active in retirement. He also taught a popular class on “Write a Book and Get It Published.”

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