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Daniel McBrayer

Dr. Daniel J. McBrayer is a Professor of Psychology Emeritus and the Head of the Education Department at Berry College. He has won many awards for his teaching excellence, including Faculty Member of the Year. Dr. McBrayer received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from West Georgia College and his Ph.D. from Georgia State University.

He has been teaching at Berry College in Rome, Georgia, for over 30 years. He not only teaches but also mentors students through his involvement in the Berry community. Dr. McBrayer also is a keynote speaker who has given presentations all across the country.

Dr. McBrayer has written How to Get a Life Vol. 1 and 2 with Dr. Lawrence Baines.

How to Get a Life Vol. 1 Empowering Wisdom for the Heart and Soul

How to Get a Life Vol. 2 Empowering Wisdom from Thinkers and Writers