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Lawrence Baines

Dr. Lawrence Baines is a Director and Professor of Teacher Education at Berry College in Rome, GA. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Texas. He was an Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies and English Education Professor at the University of Oklahoma. Lawrence Baines worked with teachers and students in over 400 schools developing creative strategies to help them achieve their goals. He pioneers new teaching and living approaches to improve adolescents’ writing, reading, and thinking skills.

Dr. Baines has also worked at The University of Oklahoma, Florida State University, Texas Tech University, and The University of Toledo. Lawrence Baines writes books and articles discussing teaching, learning, and public education. His How to Get a Life Books Vol. 1 and 2 offer words of wisdom to empower readers. Baines co-authored these books with Dr. Daniel McBrayer, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Berry College.

How to Get a Life Vol. 1 Empowering Wisdom for the Heart and Soul

How to Get a Life Vol. 2 Empowering Wisdom from Thinkers and Writers

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