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How To Get A Life, Vol. 2: Empowering Wisdom from Thinkers and Writers

How To Get A Life Volume 2

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How To Get A Life, Vol. 2: Empowering Wisdom from Thinkers and Writers

Lawrence Baines and Daniel McBrayer

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SKU: 9780893343996


This book is the sequel to the popular, How to Get a Life, Vol. 1. This volume works on Empowering Wisdom from Writers and Thinkers. Readers see how to move from mediocrity to greatness.

The course of action is through learning and self-improvement. College professors Lawrence Baines and Daniel McBrayer give more thought-provoking insights from some of the world’s greatest minds throughout time. How to Get a Life Vol. 2: Empowering Wisdom from Thinkers and Writers features 15 magnificent minds. Going beyond history, see how these remarkable men and women made imprints on the world. This book has the same successful format as How to Get a Life, Vol. 1, with a biographical introduction starting each chapter. Read each icon’s compelling advice on how to conquer adversity and achieve greatness through courage, tenacity, and focus.

How to Get a Life Vol. 2 features insights into the art of living from over a dozen brilliant minds that include: Plato, Aristotle, William Shakespeare, John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, Ralph Waldo Emerson, J.D. Salinger, Marcus Aurelius, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Walt Disney, Laura Esquivel, Eudora Welty, Colin Powell, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Catharine Sedgwick. This book offers different perspectives that will help your professional and personal development.

You can view the Table of Contents on this book’s product page under the Resources and Downloads tab.

Editorial Reviews

Great life lessons from great teachers! These are people who figured out how life works and lived it fully. How to Get a Life is a wonderful collection, packed with practical wisdom. Hal Urban, Author, Life’s Greatest Lessons

About the Author

Dr. Lawrence Baines is a Director and Professor of Teacher Education at Berry College in Rome, GA. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Texas. He was an Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies and English Education Professor at the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Baines worked with teachers and students in over 400 schools developing creative strategies to help them achieve their goals. He pioneers new teaching and living approaches to improve adolescents’ writing, reading, and thinking skills. Dr. Baines has also worked at The University of Oklahoma, Florida State University, Texas Tech University, and The University of Toledo. Baines writes books and articles discussing teaching, learning, and public education. His How to Get a Life Books Vol. 1 and 2 offer words of wisdom to empower readers. He co-authored these books with Dr. Daniel McBrayer, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Berry College.

Dr. Daniel J. McBrayer is a Professor of Psychology Emeritus and the Head of the Education Department at Berry College. He has won many awards for his teaching excellence, including Faculty Member of the Year. Dr. McBrayer received his bachelor's and master's degrees from West Georgia College and his Ph.D. from Georgia State University. He has been teaching at Berry College in Rome, Georgia, for over 30 years. He not only teaches but also mentors students through his involvement in the Berry community. Dr. McBrayer also is a keynote speaker who has given presentations all across the country.

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  1. Margaret Stoduto

    This book is great.
    I liked the format. Each chapter provides insight into the thinking of a person who is a survior or a doer, or both! The life stories of Joseph Campbell, Jane Goodall, Mother Teresa, and many others, some famous-some not, was fascinating. But even more interesting was seeing the will of others in overcoming life’s struggles. I have encountered a few “dragons in the middle of the road” of life. While each is a trial, the experience makes one a richer person. As a social worker, I will refer clients to this book.

  2. Rob Pasqual

    As a teacher of adolescents, I read this book in order to give my students wisdom.
    I soon realized that I wished that I had read this book when I was younger. It is a wonderful compilation of information about how some of the greatest people have lived their lives and ways that we can learn from the best. This is a great book for learners of all ages. I was so excited about the book that I suggested it for “book club”. They loved it. It was interesting that all of us got something different from the book. Thank you, Baines and McBrayer.

  3. David Ferguson

    “How to Get a Life” is a simple format with a powerful message:
    Anyone can have a life. Each individual chapter is presented by a different contributor and expresses the life views and philosophies of some of the most famous, wise, and fascinating people in history. I especially enjoyed the pieces on Joseph Campbell, Oprah Winfrey, and Leo Buscaglia. Although not a history lesson, I learned more than I ever knew about Confucius and the Dalai Lama. This would make a wonderful gift for anyone, but especially a friend, relative, or co-worker at a crossroads in their life. I found it stimulating, motivating, and thought-provoking and am recommending the book to everyone.

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