Grub E. Dog

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Grub E Dog: A Fun E. Friends Book

Al Newman

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Grub E. Dog is a mess! He has a filthy room and does not pick up after himself. Grub E. Dog does not wash himself, brush his teeth, or comb his hair! His friends start to hold their noses because he smells so bad!

Grub E. Dog needs to clean up his act. This children’s book will show young children the importance of personal hygiene and cleanliness. Grub E. Dog gets lists and tips on how to remain clean and organized. Even though it is a lot of work, it will all be worth it for Grub E.

Grub E. Dog starts to clean up after himself, brush his teeth, and comb his hair. After he starts these good grooming habits, Grub E. Dog is much happier! This children’s book by Al Newman has eye-catching illustrations. The book teaches young children the necessity of hygiene by playfully listing habits and has eye-catching illustrations.

Age 4-8

About the Author

Al Newman was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, one of seven children. Before his retirement, Al worked as an advertising copywriter and creative director. He originally wrote Fraid E. Cat for his youngest daughter, Melia, because she was afraid of the dark. This spawned the Fun E. Friends series of children’s books to help with hygiene (Grub E. Dog), honesty (Fibber E. Frog), and manners (Giggle E.Goose). Al now lives in New York State and spends his time writing, painting, sculpting, and inventing new things.

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  1. Christy Armstrong

    Grub E. Dog
    What? Your child doesn’t want to take a bath! This is the perfect book for you to read to your reluctant bather. It uses a light-hearted approach to explain the importance of bathing, and of brushing our teeth daily. In a gentle manner, it shows how children can be ostracized for their poor grooming habits. A wonderful way to tackle a not-so-pleasant subject!

  2. Mike

    Five Stars
    Great book.

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