Big Book of Folder Games

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Big Book of Folder Games: For the Innovative Classroom

Elaine Commins

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Elaine Commins gives teachers an opportunity to add fun and entertainment to their classroom by introducing folder games in an organized manner. Fascinate students (age 4-8) with the wide variety of puzzles, exercises, and projects in the Big Book of Folder Games for the Innovative Classroom. Children will embrace learning as they develop their intellectual skills. 

Big Book of Folder Games for the Innovative Classroom adds appeal to the learning process. Children will successfully gain knowledge with the numerous activities. Commins, an early childhood educator for over 30 years, the guide will also help educators plan and schedule exercises containing core subjects to deliver the most effective learning. By implementing the activities in a prescribed manner, children will show more engagement and have fun. Big Book of Folder Games cover subjects like reading, math, art, and social studies. The activities also help children with their visual-motor skills.

About the Author

Elaine Commins graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism and taught preschool for over 30 years. She is the author of numerous handbooks for teachers of early childhood education and was an accomplished artist. She profoundly impacted all the students she taught and the teachers she worked with. Commins’ educational guides are in wide use today.

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  1. San

    I am an Early Childhood Education major and decided to purchase this book to help me do a project. The book has several good game ideas and I found it very useful.

  2. Leon L.

    Five Stars
    Good info and product.

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