Listening is a Way of Loving: Activities to Develop Listening Skills

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Listening is a Way of Loving: Activities to Develop Listening Skills

Terry Lynne Graham

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Many adults often struggle with getting children to listen. This daily skill is necessary for successful communication throughout life. Listening is a Way of Loving: Activities to Develop Listening Skills helps develop skills that will extend into adulthood. Hearing differs from listening in that it is physical, and being a good listener requires mental involvement from the child to interpret and understand what is being said.

Author Terry Lynne Graham provides unique activities to teach children practical listening skills, which is a primary core of communication. Listening is a Way of Loving will teach children about posture, body language, and how to pay better attention. Use this activity guide to show children that everyone’s ideas, thoughts, and feelings are important. Parents can teach their kids how to understand someone’s body or expressive language with this guide.

Chapters include: Preparing for Listening, Activities for Following Directions, Whole Language-Whole Listening, and What Can Parents Do? Children will learn how to participate in discussions, learn courtesy, and focus with this tool. Listening is a Way of Loving creates stronger bonds between adults and children with this essential resource guide.

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About the Author

Terry Lynne Graham is an early childhood consultant with over 20 years of experience. She received her M.A. in Childhood Development from The University of Connecticut. She was also a preschool teacher and worked for ten years as a curriculum supervisor for Fulton County Schools in Georgia. Terry has authored several books on early education and development. Terry was an administrator at the Galloway School, a prestigious private school in Atlanta. Currently, she is the Director of Parish Early Childhood Programs at the Archdiocese of Atlanta. Graham oversees the preschool operations and develops the Pre-K curriculum that enriches children with hands-on learning. Terry continues to teach and train educators across the country in the field of early education.

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