Science Math and Nutrition for Toddlers

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Science, Math, and Nutrition for Toddlers: Setting the Stage for Serendipity

Rita Schrank

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Set the stage for serendipity with this hassle-free activity guide for toddlers, Science, Math, and Nutrition for Toddlers! Teach complex topics early on and achieve developmental milestones. Introducing science, math, and nutrition early on in a child’s life will build a foundation for critical thinking skills. Toddlers’ curiosity will make learning fun with simple science, math, and nutrition lessons. As an adult facilitating the learning, be it a homeschooling parent or teacher, you become the “research assistant.” The book is based on Montessori education techniques. This learning guide includes developmentally appropriate lessons. As the child grows older, the parent or teacher’s work gets easier.

Toddlers often ask many questions, have an open-mindedness, and can be thought of as young scientists. Through simplicity, conversations, exploration, and repetition, a child can make leaps and bounds in learning, and Science, Math, and Nutrition for Toddlers: Setting the Stage for Serendipity has easy and exciting activities to do just that. Rita Schrank gives parents and teachers the resources for Montessori education. Examples include turning a walk into a science project, counting as a math activity, and enjoying a juice while teaching nutrition.

Each exercise in this book details the skills the child will learn through repetition. The toddler activity guide also offers thorough explanations of the principles. You will not have to do outside research on science, math, or nutrition. This learning tool has it all compiled for you! By reinforcing concepts, you build onto the toddlers’ knowledge base and can integrate activities with older children. Science, Math, and Nutrition for Toddlers also has pages for note-taking your observations and an extensive annotated bibliography. Schrank also has written Toddlers Learn by Doing which uses the Montessori teaching philosophy.

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Rita Schrank is an early childhood educator specializing in infants' and toddlers' learning and development. She was involved in the IDEA program, which represents Infant Development through Enriching Activities at home.

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  1. Coconut Factory

    I am a faculty member of the engineering department of an Ivy League university and really like this book. The approach to science and math is sound and deep, while explained in simple words. The bibliography is impressive, it is really a book that has been thought and contains very little BS. I cannot yet comment on the effects on my toddler because I just received the book, but it is a pleasure to read.

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