Bottle Cap Activities

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Bottle Cap Activities: Recycled Crafts for All Ages

Kathy Cisneros

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Children can have fun recycling and also learn from Bottle Cap Activities: Recycled Crafts for Everyone. Teachers and parents can use this activity guide which teaches children environmental responsibility. Cisneros comes up with decorative and valuable ideas to recycle plastic bottle caps and other household items. Recreational recycling can teach kids to live more sustainably.

Bottle Cap Activities: Recreational Recycling has easy-to-understand and straightforward instructions. The graphics in this activity book are large, detailed, and can bring out the environmentalist in all of us. Everyone can use the recycling projects at any age and in any setting. Some activities include “Bottle Cap Barnyard,” “Bottle Cap Band,” a calendar, and other fun craft projects.

This book also includes a musical play, “The Bottle Cap Kids,” introducing drama and music into lesson planning. Bottle Cap Activities: Recreational Recycling’s play was performed at Disney World. Teachers and parents will find the words, sheet music, and instructions to make costumes in this book. Be sure to save plastic bottle caps because you get to go green while creating an eco-friendly outfit.

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About the Author

Kathy Cisneros holds environmental events and classes for children. She has received awards for her dedication and commitment to educating children about eco-friendly practices.

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  1. Allison Dubois

    A creative, well-crafted masterpiece!
    This is not your average craft book. Kathy Cisneros has blended creative wisdom and environmental awareness into a fun, innovative book that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. The illustrated, easy-to-learn crafts and unique poems and plays make this book adaptable to schools and organizations. This is a must-read!

  2. Elizabeth Suchsland

    Now is the time for this book!
    This is one of my fav’s! It is easy for children, teaches recycling can be fun! Great projects for groups such as birthday parties, sleepovers, or projects for rainy days. Costs for projects are low, in this economy, doing more with less is now “in” and this book hits the ball right out of the park! Now is the time for this book!

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