Self Esteem Activities

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Self-Esteem Activities: Giving Children from Birth to Six the Freedom to Grow

Angie Rose and Lynn Weiss

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This book, Self Esteem Activities gives your children the freedom to grow and express their individuality. A positive self-concept is critical in development. Children learn low self-esteem from others and will thrive in environments that foster and nurture them. This parenting book can be used by caregivers and preschool teachers during the early years. From birth to six years of age, children can still develop emotional intelligence skills. As they grow, they become more confident and understanding.

Self-Esteem Activities has plenty of exercises included in this parenting book. The guide gives adults tools to encourage children to accept themselves. When kids understand that they are unique and special, they will appreciate others’ differences as well.

The exercises in Self-Esteem Activities cover from birth to six years of age. As children grow, they’ll see that their actions can affect others, own responsibility, and feel confident about themselves. When no one can make a child feel poorly, they are more empowered, and nothing will hold them back from achieving their goals. Implementing these activities early on will set the stage for success throughout their lives.

Authors Angie Rose and Lynn Weiss cover five steps of early childhood development and give parenting tips for positive accountability and how to raise an emotionally healthy child. These self-esteem activities will build a child’s trust, awareness, competence, powerfulness, and self-control. Letting children express themselves through healthy channels also strengthens the bond between parent and child.

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About the Author

Dr. Angie Rose has a Ph.D. in Philosophy who specializes in childhood development and education. She has held administrative roles in public school systems in Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Lynn Weiss is a psychologist who has a private practice and regularly holds speaking engagements. Dr. Weiss received her doctorate from Laurence University in California and had a popular radio show during the 1980s.

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