Midlife Myths and Realities

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Midlife Myths and Realities: An Upbeat Approach to Enjoying the Transition

William Van Hoose

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Before you know it, your twenties and thirties become forties. For those in their 40’s-60’s, you may fear or be facing a “mid-life crisis.” Someone may call you another catchy yet misleading term, “middle-aged crazy.” Midlife Myths and Realities gives you a glimpse into these ages. Covering physical and mental health in the middle years, Dr. Van Hoose shows that mid-life can lead to positive opportunities. He addresses anyone who feels lost or has fears about these years.

Midlife Myths and Realities breaks down Van Hoose’s claims by citing research and case histories to support this positive outlook. Most middle-aged people are more independent and financially secure than they have ever been before. The midlife era is where adults reach a peak of productivity, with many holding important and influential positions. Van Hoose offers a different approach to mid-life through common sense and positivity. Midlife Myths and Realities should dispel any fears that come along with approaching middle age.

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