The Best Chance Diet

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The Best Chance Diet

Joe D. Goldstritch M.D.

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The year was 1982, and society’s obsession with diet and exercise reached a peak. Everyone sought out information about healthy lifestyles and the best diet for them. You could choose a book or turn on the TV to learn more. People became more conscious of their appearance and wanted to feel better physically.

Moms turned to diet soda to fuel them, including the memorable, TaB. Wearing Reeboks was the norm and step aerobics were the workout program of choice. Richard Simmons was the fitness guru Americans turned to for tips. This book was also published during this notable year to encourage better eating habits.

Dr. Joe D. Goldstrich wrote The Best Chance Diet during the rise of the healthy living lifestyle in the 1980s. You can look back in time and see a past weight loss program from the 1980s’. This book contains past nutritional, exercise, and stress reduction tips. Due to advancements in the medical field and science, these tips are strictly for informational purposes only. If you see something you want to try, consult your physician.

The Best Chance Diet’s focus was to help readers lose weight and combat degenerative diseases. Like everything and everyone at the time, this guide set off to help one achieve optimal health. Staying in shape and eating right can help one live longer. Go back in time and look at a program for healthy living from 40 years ago with this book.

Look back in time with this book and see how things have changed with dieting. “An integrated and economical program of nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction which will help you lose weight, combat atherosclerosis and other degenerative diseases, and enjoy optimum health for the rest of your life!”

Check out the Contents of this book to get a glimpse of what a healthy lifestyle looked like in 1982. Find The Best Chance Diet layout in the Resources and Downloads feature on the product page.

About the Author

Dr. Joe D. Goldstrich received his M.D. from the University of Texas Southwest Medical School. He was a fourth-year student and one of the team members who tried to save President John F. Kennedy’s life. Dr. Goldstrich is board certified and specializes in internal medicine, cardiology, and clinical lipidology. He has held academic positions at medical schools and has authored four books on nutrition and cardiology. Dr. Goldstrich also is the former national director of education and community programs for the American Heart Association. From 2012-14, he began researching the benefits of cannabis in reducing tumors and bettering some patient’s health. Dr. Goldstrich worked with over 3,5000 patients in California to treat a variety of medical conditions. He now focuses on oncology and using cannabis treatments to help cancer patients. Dr. Goldstrich sits on the Board of Directors for Cannabis Clinicians and practices medical marijuana oncology treatments. He currently runs his own practice in Iowa.

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