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Insight Outlook

Albert Hofmann

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Albert Hofmann, one of the most brilliant minds the world has ever seen, shares his insights and perspectives about life in Insight Outlook. Dr. Albert Hofmann, a member of the Nobel Prize Committee and a world-renowned chemist, was also a philosopher. Known as the “The Father of LSD,” his scientific and spiritual contributions still can fascinate anyone.

Insight Outlook does not contain academic research on chemistry but instead shares Dr. Hofmann’s views and ideas, and he reflects on the world around him. Hoffman takes his tremendous knowledge of science and humanity to describe his views on reality. His train of thoughts in this book, objective and spiritual, deliver relevant and revealing reasoning. Approaching reality using Albert Hofmann’s views can give a sense of ultimate awareness and mental expanse.

Looking at life in material (outer and objective) and spiritual (inner subjective) aspects will lead to a life of harmony. Albert Hofmann ties the two together for the reader in deep-rooted philosophical thought in Insight Outlook.

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Editorial Reviews:

“Albert Hofmann is a true visionary, one of those rare individuals who can follow the intricacies of science to the edge of the known, where it transforms into spirit.” Paul Zuromski, Body, Mind, and Spirit magazine 

About the Author

Albert Hofmann, known as “The Father of LSD,” was a Swiss chemist and the first person in the world to synthesize the psychedelic drug in 1938. He did nothing with the drug for years, finally deciding to re-examine it in 1943. After accidentally ingesting it, he discovered its powerful effects and stated he had “a stimulated imagination.” Three days later, he intentionally took 250 micrograms of LSD and began to feel the effects when he rode home on his bike. April 19th is known as “Bicycle Day” and was his first “trip.” He continued to take small doses throughout his life and called it “a sacred drug” to aid meditation and have a mystical experience. He graduated from the University of Zurich and worked as a chemist until 1971 at Sandoz, a pharmaceutical company, and passed away at 102 from a heart attack. After his retirement, he continued writing, speaking, and maintaining a presence in the psychedelic community. Hoffman also was the first person to synthesize the active ingredients in “magic mushrooms.”

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  1. Bodhi Heeren

    The Unfathomable and Intelligent Universe
    Albert Hofmann is probably best known as the man who discovered LSD, and as such he should be reckoned as one of the greatest benefactors of humankind. And perhaps he would, hasn’t it been for immature messianiacs like Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg and Ken Kesey (all three beautiful human beings but naive when it came to psychedelics and their use). But Hofmann is also a deep and profound philosopher, thoroughly based in his vast scientific education and practice, but also steeped in a natural mysticism.

  2. BHD

    Insight Outlook is an excellent and rather short read. Experiencing his famous chemical work myself I’ve grown to appreciate his rather cosmic perspective to things. This man lived to over 100 years old and produced the answer to the nuclear bomb. His thoughts should not be taken with a grain of salt, this is a good book to get if you want to learn something about this new thought process.

  3. Sir Alice

    Lucid in the Sky
    Wonderful book. Wonderful Man. Worth every word. The world owes a great deal to Albert Hoffman, though he would deny he had too much to do with it. I disagree.

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