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Albert Hofmann

Albert Hofmann, known as “The Father of LSD,” was a Swiss chemist and the first person in the world to synthesize the psychedelic drug in 1938. He did nothing with the drug for years, finally deciding to re-examine it in 1943. After accidentally ingesting it, he discovered its powerful effects and stated he had “a stimulated imagination.” Three days later, he intentionally took 250 micrograms of LSD and began to feel the effects when he rode home on his bike. April 19th is known as “Bicycle Day” and was his first “trip.”

He continued to take small doses throughout his life and called it “a sacred drug” to aid meditation and have a mystical experience. He graduated from the University of Zurich and worked as a chemist until 1971 at Sandoz, a pharmaceutical company, and passed away at 102 from a heart attack. After his retirement, he continued writing, speaking, and maintaining a presence in the psychedelic community. Hoffman also was the first person to synthesize the active ingredients in “magic mushrooms.”


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