Body Conditioning

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Body Conditioning: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Aerobic Fitness

Kenneth France

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Many people have a fitness routine to look and feel good about themselves. Exercise plays an important part in many lives and leads to better health. However, fitness regimens may impact your cardiovascular system. In Body Conditioning, Dr. Kenneth France reminds us that no one has immunity from suffering from a heart attack. The famous runner, Jim Fixx, and the tennis great, Arthur Ashe, were fit, but their lives were cut short.

Body Conditioning does not focus on improving your performance on how to gain muscle mass or lose fat. This book discusses how exercise routines affect heart health and looks at Type A Personalities. Jogging and running place pressure on the cardiovascular system along with competitive sports and marathons. This book looks at the cognitive components of exercise.

Learn how to evaluate your workouts and decrease your risk of heart disease or a heart attack with Body Conditioning. Dr. France lays out the cardiovascular system, different exercise routines, and how to develop a healthy fitness program. You will also see the benefits and importance of aerobic exercises like dancing, swimming, walking, cycling, and running. Finally, you also can gain further insight into the data. With many advanced technological gadgets, you will be able to understand your workouts better.

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Editorial Reviews:

“This book has become my daily workout guide.” Marsha Lele, Health Works Magazine

About the Author

Dr. Kenneth Olin France is a psychologist in Pennsylvania and teaches at Shippensburg University. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Wake Forest University and Masters of Science and Ph.D. in philosophy at Florida State University. Dr. France has been in private practice for years. He previously taught at Francis Marion College in Florence, SC, before going to Shippensburg. He has been listed as a noteworthy Psychologist by Marquis’ Who’s Who. Dr. France also was the recipient of the Salute to Teaching Award by the state of Pennsylvania. He is a member of the American and Pennsylvania Psychological Associations and the American Association of Suicidology. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife Mary, and they have been married for over 50 years. His passion for fitness led him to write the book Body Conditioning.

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